May 14, 2021

SLC Subaru 5th Anniversary Meet

If you’re a car enthusiast in Utah (well, NORTHERN Utah) you have quite the selection of websites to hang out on:, UtahPace, UtahHondas, UtahStangs and so forth.  If you’re into Subarus you have SLCSubaru, and they just celebrated their 5th anniversary.  So we piled into Tommy’s bug-eye, and out ran a STi on our way to Roy for the meet.

The parking lot was pretty full, which was a surprise to a few.  Everything was there from Sally’s race car to Jenny’s “race car” to The Mr. Trevor Malan’s pebble pusher.

More photos, including a few people shoving things into a massive wheel gap, can be seen on the Facebook page


Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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