January 17, 2021

So It Rained During The NASA Weekend

Imagine that, rain in the first half of the NASA Utah season.  Who could have imagined that?  Because of the rain we did get to see the effects of the aero packages of the top finishers in the Thunder group.  I didn’t do that great of a job documenting that, but we did get to see something else: the Makes & Models Huracan driving against a contemporary.  That being the brand new UIS Huracan, driven by Madison Snow.

Downforce CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-1

Derek, in his second weekend with the car, ran a 1:28.053 in qualifying (which was dry), and a ran a 1:41.953 in the rain during the race.  Not too bad at all.  Young Madison, on the other hand ran, a 1:40.977 during the race; and a staggering 1:25.477 during qualifying!  How much can one take away from this?  In my opinion: not a lot.  As previously mentioned, The M&M car has only been out for a couple of weekends now, while Madison has spent some serious time racing a Huracan.  Most notably during the Rolex 24.  The biggest thing you can takeaway from this weekend is that the Makes & Models car has the potential to be a monster, and it could very well become that monster before the season is out.  Hopefully Madison will return in the UIS car later this season, so we can see how much progress the Makes & Models team has made.

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