15th Aug2017

Something Didn’t Quite Feel Right

by Michael Chandler

Words and photos by Dave Rawley

And indeed something was.  J.R. and George Smith were splitting time in J.R.’s rentable Boxster, and George was out for his stint.  He came around Wind Up, and said that something didn’t quite feel right.  Being the experienced driver that he is, he came into the pits.  That’s when things went from not feeling quite right to definitely being not right.

There was a catastrophic failure of ALL OF THE LUG STUDS ON THE RIGHT REAR.

Naturally, this caused quite a stir and got everyone who didn’t have a car in the pit to come and help.  It was a hell of a sight to see everyone leap over the wall to help out J.R. and George.

You know how they say bad things come in threes?  Happened to George.  First, the sent him out with the radio hooked up right.  Then his glasses fell off his face, out of his helmet, missed his lap, and wound up on the floor.  The the lug nut thing.

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