14th Aug2019

Scoundrel Hangs

by Michael Chandler

I hardly ever get to see Blaize and Chase, two of my friends and also two of the Scoundrels. So, when I was in St. George last, I took a few hours to go hang out and see what the Scoundrel life was about. Or at least a little slice of it on a Saturday afternoon.

Blaize’s soon to be Formula Drift Pro2 car was cut up, and tucked in the corner. But Chase had his Fox Body parked right behind the door, and ready to make its way into the light.

And so out it went.

I call his RX7 a Fox Body for a variety of reason. And by “variety” I mean exactly two. First: it has the venerable 5 liter V8 that real Fox Body Mustangs had. And like those, it makes power. Not a lot, but enough to get rowdy.

It’s also a damn coupe. At some point an S13 240SX coupe, one of the few cars that I’d pay the drift tax on #coupelife, gave up a large part of itself to be grafted onto Chase’s FC convertible. After a while, his FC finally came together as a coupe, and was painted this bass boat gold.

And he’s been loving it ever since.

He’s also aware of how important the little details are. Just look at that little spat on the front bumper. It’s a little thing, but it looks cool and it stands out on the car while not being the major focal point.

And then there’s this absolute unit! I can’t remember who’s it is, but god DAMN!


It was a good time hanging out with the guys, and then Luis finally showed up.

But more on him later…

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12th Jul2016

Hot Nights in the City: SCD Round 4

by Michael Chandler

SCD2016 Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-14

It was another hot one in Utah, but despite the heat, and traffic, and a massive fire that billowed smoke into the area, round four of the Salt City Drift season carried on.

SCD2016  Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-12

There was, of course, a competition.  I’m not sure how tandem turned out, but I can say that it did pull some of the drag racing spectators over to the bowl.  That was pretty cool to see.  On the solo side, we had Blaize Potts and his Scoundrel mobile in third.

SCD2016  Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-31

Crowd pleaser Hayden Campbell in second.

SCD2016  Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-41

And Nick Nengas & Teddy took home another win.  Next event is back at RMR on August 5th.  Come spend an evening in the oval with us!  Here’s a big ass gallery to tide you over

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11th Jul2016

Bash To The Future 4 featuring Take Luck

by Michael Chandler

SCD2016 Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-19

Last month the Take Luck guys made their way up to Oregon for Bash To The Future 4.  Unfortunately I didn’t make the trip with them.  Fortunately Tanner Spencer, of Tanner Spencer Creative, did make the trip.  He makes videos, and is a pretty cool guy.  At the most recent Salt City Drift event, he let it be known that the video he did for BTTF would be posted on Sunday, and that we could repost it and share it and such.  Since I have a website, I figured throwing it up here would fall under the loose guidelines he set out.  This is a rad video.  Like it, love it, share it.


Bash to the Future 4: Take Luck Takeover from Tannerspencercreative on Vimeo.

The Take Luck Team traveled up to Medford Oregon to compete at Bash to the Future 4, presented by Tandem of Die. They ended up taking 2nd in the team tandem competition. Here is the recap of the weekend. Enjoy and Share!

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28th Jan2016

Return of the 5.0

by Michael Chandler

2011 Mustang GT 5.0

It took a while, but Ford brought back the 5.0.  Instead of being an OHV engine, it returned as a DOHC power plant called Coyote.  All was right with the world again.