24th Jan2019

CAMcast 160: Gavin’s California Adventure!

by Michael Chandler

Welcome back!  We’re so glad you’ve joined us for this Thursday episode, because it’s a good one.  Gavin talk’s about his adventures in California, Dave talks about something you should NEVER EVER DO, and Mike hops on his soapbox.  Oh, and we play with the soundboard more.  Follow Gavin on his Instagram, and his other Instagram.  And subscribe to Exhibition of Speed on YouTube, and follow them on Instagram while you’re at it!

Oh, and here’s what we were freaking out about in the opening of this episode: a horrifying Russian dashcam video!

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16th Apr2012

Slammed Society Showcase

by Trent

Stance Fitment Audi A3

In conjunction with Formula Drift, Fatlace put on the Slammed Society Showcase in Long Beach.

Slammed Society Honda S2000

The cars here definitely brought their A-game. Everything from stance to drift to straight up show.

Slammed Scion iQ

Scion even debuted a convertible FR-S by Cartel Customs.

Scion FR-S Convertible

Hearing me yammer about cars is great and all, but do you know what’s better? Pictures of cars!!!
BMW E39 Stance
Low Honda AP2 S2000
Modified Mitsubishi Evo X
Acura NSX lowered
Air ride Lexus GS300
Honda S2000 on CCW's
Stanced Nissan 350Z
Subaru WRX STi scraping asphalt
VW Jetta on Fifteen52 Tarmacs
Slammed Society Lexus LS400
EK Civic Hatch
Lexus IS at Slammed Society
Stance Infiniti G37 Coupe
Subaru WRX STi hatch and Nissan 240SX
VIP Lexus LS460
Mk 6 VW Jetta on air ride
Toyota MR2 show car
Cambered Lexus GS300
Jon Sibal's Dodge Challenger
Hellaflush Mazda Miata
Turbo Lexus IS300
Carbon Fiber Honda S2000
Nissan 350Z and Infiniti G35 Stanced
S14 Nissan 240SX Silvia
Flush VW
slammedsociety Nissan
Low Lexus LS400
Fatlace Lexus SC
slammed society 2012 Long Beach
EK Honda Civic
Flush Copper wheels
R32 Nissan Skyline
MkIV VW Jetta red wheels
Hellaflush Acura TSX
Slammed Lexus GS

Words and Photos by Trent Bray
*Article, Video, and Photos are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners. Images and words may not be re-posted, re-distributed, modified, or copied without expressed written consent from CAMautoMag.Com

13th Apr2012

Cars and Coffee Irvine 04/07/2012

by Trent

While in Long Beach covering the Formula Drift event, I made the wise decision to wake up at 5am and go to the Irvine, CA cars and coffee event. It is a car guy rite of passage. I talked briefly with Michael who was visiting from Chicago and came out to see the cars too. This is unlike your ordinary cars and coffee(unless you live around Irvine of course), the cars are rare and exquisite.

We also teamed up with [func-shun] to bring you this video.

This place had heavily modified GT-R’s, sure. But does your cars and coffee have a Vector M12 or Spyker C8?
Vector M12
Spyker C8
On this occasion, Porsche was the featured marque to honor the late Ferdinand Alexander “Butzi” Porsche. This gave them a special section of parking right by the coffee. And there were no shortage of Porsches.
Porsche 911 Butzi Porsche
997 Porsche 911
Porsche 911 GT3RS
Porsche 356
And since pictures are worth a thousand words, and I’m a man of few, I will let the pictures speak the rest of the story.
Lotus Evora
E9 BMW 3.0CSi
Blacked out Ford GT
E30 BMW M3
Ferrari 430 Scuderia
Ferrari 458 Italia
Ferrari 330 grille
Aston Martin Vantage
Bentley Brooklands Coupe
Individual Throttle Bodies(ITB)
Spyker C8 in California
Spyker C8 interior
Lamborghini Countach interior
Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG Black Series
Audi R8 V10
Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca
Mercedes-Benz 190SL
Mercedes-Benz 190E Evolution
Mercedes-Benz 190E DTM
Dodge Viper Laguna Seca
Original Fiat 500 Cinquecento
Ferrari 512TR Testarossa
Line of Nissan GT-R R35's
Huge V8 motor and blower in van
BMW X6M modified
Yellow Nissan GT-R
Modified Toyota Supra
Clean NA2 Acura NSX
Want wallpapers? Leave a comment telling me which picture you want and I’ll include a wallpaper for you in a future Photo Friday update.

Words and Photos by Trent Bray
*Article, Video, and Photos are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners. Images and words may not be re-posted, re-distributed, modified, or copied without expressed written consent from CAMautoMag.Com

29th Jul2011

From The Archives: Ferrari Challenge

by Michael Chandler

I, you’re humble photographer, have been shooting photos long before CAMautoMag became what it is today.  Before I had a place to display these photos, I would either throw them up on my Flickr page, put them up on my blog (which has long since been orphaned), or just sit on them until I forgot I shot them.  I never forgot about these particular photos, and now I’m giving them the stage they deserve. (more…)