21st Sep2017

CAMcast: Do We Like The New Camry?

by Dave Rawley

Hello and welcome to this episode of the CAMcast!  I have a question for you: What happens when one host is in France and the other has been missing for months?  You get Dave and Mike running through the agenda!  And they go off on weird tangents…  But they do talk about some stuff:

  • The Singapore Gran Prix was interesting for a few minutes
  • McLaren and Honda’s break up is weird, and bigger than them
  • We could see French things aside from Gavin!
  • Will we see a 300C Hellcat?
  • Adventures in midsized sedans

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Music, as always, by Mathusaworm.  Check them out!

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26th Mar2012

UtahHondas.net Spring Meet

by Michael Chandler

For the fifth year, UtahHondas.net held their annual Spring meet at Barnes Park in Kaysville, UT.  The meet has grown in size every year since its inception, and this year was no different.  Over 500 cars made the trek to the small town, conquered two parking lots and part of the street!  Every make is welcomed at the meet, from Scions to Subarus to Toyotas to BMWs, there was even a pretty clean Charger R/T hanging out.

I snagged some photos, but if you’re still hungry there are plenty more on UtahHondas

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Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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15th Mar2011

The Next…Honda Accord

by Trent


The Honda Accord has been the staple of automatic equipped racers in the Honda crowd. Why is that? Well, their parents bought the automatic to commute to work in, then it was passed down to their kids. They’re good, reliable, and safe cars that get intakes and bodykits thrown on them. Soon though, a different car will take the reigns from the Accord as the hand-me-down turned racer. (more…)