06th Jun2011

Miller Park Racing Association Round 3

by Michael Chandler

It was a busy weekend at Miller Motorsports Park!  There was drifting, Lap Battle and round 3 of the MPRA season.  A photo gallery waits for you after the jump.


31st May2011

The CAM Journal: Passion

by Trent

Honda S2000 Standing outI’ve liked cars, the idea of cars, the design of cars, and the freedom of cars from my first memory in life on. When I’ve had a rough day, I want to go take the car out for a drive. There’s something that unites car lovers from all ends of the Earth, passion. (more…)

15th May2011

Eibach Honda Meet 2011 Gallery

by Trent

Eibach Honda Meet 2011 CAMAutoMagWe drove down to Southern California to check out this insane Honda meet full of unique touches at the world-renowned Eibach Springs location. Check out our gallery after the jump. (more…)

12th May2011

Wide Open Wednesday at MMP 05/11/11

by Trent

Mazda Miata RacingMiller Motorsports Park, the local road course track has what they call ‘Wide Open Wednesday’ on the second Wednesday of every month during the summer. This is a great place to see unique cars and get out and have fun on the track for only $25. This brings all types of cars to the track, and we went out there to see it. Check out the gallery after the jump. (more…)

03rd May2011

BIG Utah Grand Prix Photo Gallery

by Trent

Utah Grand Prix at MMPCheck out the Porsche GT3 Cup Photos, SCCA World Challenge Photos, Pirelli Drivers Cup Photos, and SCCA Trans-Am Photos below. Big gallery after the jump. (more…)

02nd May2011

CAM Video Podcast #4

by Trent

CAM Podcast 4 Mike and Trent
Our 4th video podcast is once again brought to you from the road. This time a VW Routan minivan is our backdrop, but the topics are anything but portly. Click ‘Continue Reading’ to check it out or download this week’s video podcast. (more…)

25th Apr2011

CAM Video Podcast #3

by Trent

cam car podcast 3The podcast keeps coming full force. Check it out after the jump and download it in HD for viewing later. (more…)

11th Apr2011

CAM Video Podcast #1

by Trent

Here it is, our first ever video podcast. This took numerous attempts to finally get one in the book, fortunately, we keep learning, and the next podcasts get better and better. Click ‘Continue Reading’ to check it out.
*Updated with Mobile version to download* (more…)

07th Apr2011

Interview: Nip N Tuck Performance

by Trent

CAM Nip N Tuck LogoNip N Tuck Performance is a small shop in Orem, UT. They offer a lot of services: custom wiring harnesses, wire tucks, full track car harnesses, automotive electrical diagnosing and repair, general auto mechanics and diagnosing including, tune-ups, timing belts, clutches, engine repair, head gaskets, front-end and suspension repair or installation, performance part installation, minor upholstery repair and upholstery kit installing (meaning if you buy a pre-made kit from online or the dealer they can install it), engine swaps, transmission swaps, and repair. Or if you’re like me, they’ll make your car drive-able again.


05th Apr2011

Genuflection: The Renaissance

by Mustangjohnny


1983 Toyota Celica Supra. Farragut, TN 11-13-2010 17:32hrs
/ˌdʒɛnyʊˈflɛkʃən/ [jen-yoo-flek-shuhn]
an act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship.


For me, “Genuflection” means more than just looking back and reflecting on something great from the past, but looking back and reflecting on something great from the past that still has the mystique it did so many years ago. These are cars that have stood the test of time. For most of these cars, I will drift back into what I like to call, “My Renaissance”. (more…)