01st Oct2010

Honda Challenge Day 4

by Michael Chandler

Day four: championship day. The day in which all of the effort and work we put into the cars would pay off; however, even the best laid plans of mice and men often go awry. (more…)

24th Sep2010

CAM at Honda Challenge: Day 2

by Michael Chandler

Problems with Kris’s car were diminished, but a problem with Randy’s car ended his day and threatened to ruin his weekend. I decided to bring my Olympus XA2 film camera, loaded with Kodak Ektachrome slide film along today and get some shots that you normally don’t see…and won’t see until I get the film back from the lab and scanned.

The morning session was over by the time I woke up. The day before convinced me that Kris’s car was the problem child, and that Randy’s was content to be boring and not have any sort of catastrophic problem. Unfortunately I was wrong. While I was asleep, one of the H2 cars (a red Civic with yellow flames) caught fire and Randy’s car encountered a catastrophic problem. I wouldn’t know what the problem was until I arrived, but I knew it was something related to the motor because Frank of Supremacy Racing said “Randy hurt his motor” on Facebook. I quickly closed the instrument of the Personal Digital Apocalypse, grabbed my bag and rushed out to Tooele.


22nd Sep2010

CAM at Honda Challenge: Day 1

by Michael Chandler

The NASA Honda Challenge has already been decided. If you’re looking for the results they’ll be found elsewhere. This is not about the race, or the results. This is about what it takes to be in the race. The championship race took place on a Saturday afternoon, but the people you are about to read about had been sleeping in a trailer under the grandstands at Miller Motorsports Park since Tuesday. I had no idea how intense, frantic, amazing, and disappointing a ninety-six hour period could be and I’m sure most of you have no idea also. So please allow Kris McCoy, Randy Gibb, Jason Smith, Eric Smart, Mauricio, Fernando, and Crew Chief Eric show you what went on during this particular week of racing.

Kris’s car was in pieces when I arrived. It was NASA Nationals, and Kris McCoy and Randy Gibb had their Acura RSX Type-S’s in the Honda Challenge. They had pulled the wiring harness and were rebuilding it. The wheels, tires and hood were off of the camouflage RSX. It was an “all hands on deck” situation, and everyone (including your fearless writer/photographer) got their hands dirty getting Kris out to the afternoon practice session… (Click ‘Continue Reading’ below) (more…)