20th Jan2011

The CAM Journal: RIP Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Trent

Talon Girl in Black Car
Break out the sad trombone, the day I’ve feared will come, is finally at hand. According to Edmunds Inside Line, the Eclipse will not survive past 2013. Some of you might scoff at that and say you don’t care, but no matter who you are, if you are an automotive enthusiast, the Eclipse, or a variant of it, has crossed your path before. (more…)

20th Dec2010

The Next…Mitsubishi Eclipse

by Trent

We are introducing a new segment called, “The Next…” This involves our predictions on what will replace the stalwart in the segment. Starting us off is the Mitsubishi Eclipse. It offers cheap power, AWD, somewhat sketchy reliability depending on who you talk to, and great looks. The next Mitsubishi Eclipse could have been the next Mitsubishi Eclipse, but with the introduction of the 3rd Generation, it went bigger, FWD only, and no turbo option. Just a 2.4L 4-cylinder that left a lot to be desired, and a 200HP V6 that also was lacking. So what could possibly be the next car to replace its dominance in the import scene? (more…)