19th Aug2010

1,487 Miles in a Dodge Viper Part 2

by Trent

The Year was 2010, the first half of the Epic Viper Road trip was completed. I no longer wanted to be in the Viper. Fortunately, we had access to another vehicle while in California. Not wanting to drag out the trip to San Diego we had to make into a 3 hour drive, we took our alternate vehicle. Our purpose was to meet up with Gene, the owner of a red RX-7 we featured previously. Fortunately, the drive to and from was uneventful. The next day however, it was time to embark on our trip back home, putting another 700 miles in on the V10 that has had it’s bouts with schizophrenia. Unfortunately, to make it home in time before work the next day, the drive had to be done in the day time.

First things first, a drive to the coast is not complete without a drive on the gorgeous Pacific Coast Highway. The Viper actually kind of fit in here. We even had a few people staring which is pretty amazing considering the amount of $100,000 and up cars that surrounded us throughout Laguna Beach and Newport Beach. We eventually made our way up the coast and turned inland to Anaheim to scout out a car show and get one last breather before the trip began. (more…)

17th Aug2010

1,487 Miles in a Dodge Viper Part 1

by Trent

In preparation for Part 2 of this story, we are re-posting part 1 here to refresh your memory about this epic journey. Look for part 2 this Thursday!

I thought we might be on to something, I thought I was going to prove to everyone that cars were meant to be driven and driven hard. Nothing tests a car’s endurance like taking it 1500 miles through the desert where’s it’s 105-degrees during the day and drops to the 30’s in the canyons at night. No sweat, no worries. I’ve got a semi-functional heater and no Air Conditioning. No A/C? Yes, but there’s also no top and no windows to keep us cool. It was a plan half baked in awesomeness, then the first of many ‘check engine’ lights came on. (more…)