04th Apr2017

The Old School Reunion

by Michael Chandler


The morning after StanceWars was the event I was most looking forward to: The Old School Reunion.  Why?  While I like modern cars, and some stance cars, I’d rather spend my time ogling classic imports.  They have so much more character and soul.  And you can see more of the owners style on the cars.


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20th Feb2017

EuroBrews Gallery

by Michael Chandler

It’s the end of a holiday weekend, which is sad.  BUT I have a bunch of photos from one of our local cars & coffee meets: EuroBrews.  It’s an exclusively Euro thing… Except for the R32 GTS4 and the R35 that were there… And the twin turbo Terminator Mustang… But other than that, all Euro.

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13th Apr2015

Makes and Models Open House

by Michael Chandler

makes and models open house-38

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

Over the weekend, our friends at Makes & Models threw open their doors and rolled some of their cars out into the parking lot and held an open house.  They wanted to show off the shop, and let the people know that “Yes there’s an R8 LMS racing with our logo all over it, but we’re so much more than that.”  Indeed they are.

makes and models open house-15makes and models open house-16makes and models open house-26makes and models open house-27

In addition to showing that every Euro is welcome, they welcomed some of the manufacturers of the parts they sell.  Grapple, maker of fine wheel spacers and adapters, brought out their very clean E30 and parked it with Parker Lambert’s bagged A3.  If you’re curious: people did step on his splitter.

makes and models open house-24makes and models open house-23makes and models open house-19

Behind the Grapple cars was Integrated Engineering, makers of Audi and VW go fast bits.  They had a selection of intake manifolds on display, along with some suspension pieces and information on their line of Golf R products.  They also had an unassuming E30 BMW hanging out.  Its unassuming looks hid a monster holding a hairdryer.  Just look at that thing!  This little beemer will move.

makes and models open house-35makes and models open house-4makes and models open house-5

And finally, NASA Utah had a pop up and were spreading the good word of getting your car on the track.  Parked next to the booth was Ben Lamberson’s 2014 TTE championship winning Audi 90.  Sitting on what’s left of the dash is what I can only assume is his secret to success: Secrets of Solo Racing by Henry A. Watts.  Does this actually help Ben win, and does he pass on these secrets to the drivers he instructs?  Beats me, but there it is.

makes and models open house-6 makes and models open house-41

In the showroom was the TW Racing R8 LMS, and a corporate stablemate.  Speaking of the R8 LMS, did you know that Makes & Models can get you a sweet hook up on Global Motorsports Group parts?  Well, maybe not a “sweet hook up”, but if you want to hop up your Lamborghini, Porsche, Audi, Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari or BMW with some top notch parts, here you go.

makes and models open house-7 makes and models open house-8

While most of the action was happening in the showroom and in the parking lot, there was something to see in the shop area.  Up on the alignment rack was this classic Alfa Romeo GTV.  It was just hanging out with some Porsches, being all classic and Italian.

makes and models open house-34 makes and models open house-40

All makes and models were welcomed at the Makes & Models Open House, from Greg Valdez’s red WRX to a C7 Corvette with all sorts of APR goodies.  It was a solid event, complete with booth professionals, and a raffle.  Sad you missed out on a chance to see some ridiculously awesome cars?  Don’t worry!  Next weekend is the Import Spring Showoff, which we’ll talk about later.  In the meantime, enjoy a gallery from the Open House!

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01st Aug2012

Euro SL,UT Fest 2012

by Trent

euroslutfest 2012
This was no sophmore slump. In its second year, Euro SL,UT Fest came out bigger and better than last year with more cars and some of our favorites.
Lamborghini Countach Euro SL,UT Fest
Some heavy hitters also attended with a couple Lamborghini’s, a Ferrari, and 2 Audi R8’s. Not bad for a euro show, let alone in Utah.
euroslutfest vw
We had a great time out at the track which coincided with Lap Battle, NASA, and Drifting(more on this later this week). We look forward to next year’s event.

Check out the pictures below.

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Photos and Video by Trent Bray

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02nd Jul2012

Water Werks on the Green

by Trent

Water Werks on the Green happened the day after Forum Fest, and the weather was much more cooperative. This event was unique in that it took place on Polo grounds.
Waterwerks on the Green 2012
We checked out of our hotel the morning of the event, miraculously found a McDonald’s serving breakfast past 10:30am, and drove to North Bend where the event was. The place unfortunately had some mud obstacles to avoid, but was generally a great place to hold an event. This despite the fact that I dislike taking pictures of cars in grass, the green reflects in a negative way.
Waterwerks NW Euro meet
The cars brought their A-Game, and so did the event organizers. They had unique games and even a beer garden stocked with German beer. And what German car show would be complete without bratwurst? After hitting up the show, we stuck around and shot a feature on a car(coming Friday) and hit the road.
VR6 VW at Waterwerks
The road back was long as we had to get Tommy back to work by 9am, only 14 hours separated us from 9am, and we hadn’t gotten on the road yet. We ran into a very entertaining white Scion tC in Oregon that messed around with us, I’ll stand by my Tweet, contact us, I’ll buy you a drink, that kept us entertained for at least a half hour. Aside from hitting a rock that messed up my plastic undertray, it was uneventful and through sleep deprivation, we somehow got Tommy to work on time. Check back on Twitter for the #camroadtrip hashtag to see all the fun of the road trip.
Waterwerks VW Swagen

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Words and video by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler, Nick Cherpeski, and Tommy Ratsipasith

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01st Aug2011

Euro SL,UT Fest 2011

by Michael Chandler

July 30 was the first ever Euro SL,UT Fest, and for a first time event it was a great turnout!  Surprisingly Trent was out of town and wasn’t there to cover this, so I made the trek to Wheeler Farm to bring you the photos.  Check them out after the jump. (more…)