24th May2018

Everyday CAMcast with Todd Deeken of Everyday Driver!

by Michael Chandler

HELLO EVERYBODY!  Gavin is back, and he brought Todd Deeken from Everyday Driver with him!  They sat down with Mike and Dave to talk about satisfying automotive noises, road trip stories, Everyday Driver, and what to do when you buy the same car in the same color as your neighbor.  

Listen to Todd on the Everyday Driver Car Debate podcast; watch Everyday Driver on Amazon, Vimeo, and YouTube; and watch Season 3 on Velocity starting July 7th!

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24th Feb2017

Caption This

by Michael Chandler

Chance Hales, of Everyday Driver, showed up to EuroBrews in his Orange (that’s the official Porsche name for it) Boxster.  This caused Pizza Dad Brandon and myself to come over and chat with him about it.  Also along for it was the owner of that Beetle.  I don’t remember most of what was said, but I do have this picture.  So go ahead internet, caption this.  Best caption gets some stickers, including a CAM slap.

While we’re here, here are some other non-car photos from EuroBrews:

And it was Pizza Dad’s birthday earlier this week, so late happy birthday Brandon!

*Article, Photos, Videos, and Audio clips are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners.
02nd Feb2016

Hot Rod Cadillac

by Michael Chandler

Ford GP of Utah Gavin Pouquette Photography CAMautoMag-8

Gavin Pouquette of the Gearless Podcast and Everyday Driver slums it tags along with us to some races here and there.  He’s a good egg with a good eye, and whips his Subaru like a sir