07th Sep2017

CAMcast: NSX’s and No Coast

by Michael Chandler

Hey everybody!  Welcome to this episode of the CAMcast!  Mike, Dave, and Gavin talk about what they did over the holiday weekend, and they also talk some news and read some mail.  News such as:

  • The BMW 8 Series will be getting a Gran Coupe variant
  • Ken Block hoons a CanAm side by side
  • LMP1 rules are changing… again…
  • Could Porsche get back into F1?
  • We try to give advice about a ridiculous engine swap

Thank you for joining us again, and we appreciate it.  We’re still raising funds for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund, so head to the shop and grab the shirt!  Spread the word about that, the podcast, and all the other stuff we do!  We’ll be back with Nick Stucky next week to talk more No Coast Bash.

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24th Aug2017

CAMcast 50

by Michael Chandler

Hello everybody!  And welcome to the 50th episode of the CAMcast!  Yeah, we’ve done 50 of these.  To mark this special occasion we decided to have a very cathartic episode, and talk about our driving pet peeves!  Yes, the things that bother us the most are what this episode is about!  We also talk some news

  • Chinese manufacturer Great Wall might buy FCA?
  • The BMW Z4 is real and gorgeous
  • F1 doesn’t like Honda
  • Ferrari re-signs one driver
  • Ariel is building a ridiculous new car

Thank you for listening to us go on for all of these episodes! We sit in this basement and ramble for us, but we keep posting it because you guys and gals dig it.  Please subscribe to us wherever you find us (iTunes, Google Play, your favorite podcast app, or just via RSS), and leave us comments and a rating of some sort.  It helps us get seen, which helps us grow, which will allow us to do more crazy stuff.  We’ll be back next week with episode 51!

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20th Jul2017

CAMcast: Welcome to the RallyDome

by Michael Chandler

Four men enter, one podcast leaves!  Welcome back to the CAMcast ladies, gentlemen, and 1997 Ford Tauruses.  Mike and Dave are joined by Rick Conk and Michael “Pumpkin” Nielsen from RallySport Direct!  The gang go off on many tangents, and hit a few agenda items, including:

  • Joest joining up with Mazda to revamp their DPi program
  • Formula Drift went to Canada
  • Formula One went to England
  • NASA Utah happened over the weekend
  • Electric and hybrid vehicles
  • Creating the most unlimited form of motorsport
  • Why you should never drive distracted

Thank you for joining us!  Stream the episode above, download it here, or subscribe via RSS.  Take a few minutes to rate us and leave a comment on iTunes, Google Play, or wherever else you find us. Buy a shirt, and help us keep this train a rolling.  And tell a few friends about us!  We’ll be back next week, see you then.  

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06th Jul2017

The Manual Transmission Isn’t Dead

by Michael Chandler

Good *INSERT CURRENT TIME* to you all!  We took a a brief minute away from celebrating freedom on the 4th to record a podcast!  Dave, Gavin, and Mike are joined by Zak and Jordan for quite the interesting episode.  Interesting, not including some microphone issues for Zak (we got them sorted out around the 18 minute mark) The guys and the guests talk about a few things, which lead to a few other things:

  • More F1 fallout from Baku
  • Hot IMSA action!
  • Speaking the truth
  • BMW nixing the manual transmission in the 2 Series
  • Manual vs. DCT vs. Automatic
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Car Movies
  • Getaway cars

Thank you all for joining us for this hot episode!  We hope you all enjoyed listening to it as much as we enjoyed recording it.  Stream the episode in the player above if you’d like!  Please subscribe and rate us wherever you can!  We’re on iTunes, Google Play, and wherever else you find fine podcasts such as this.  If you’d rather not stray away from this fine website, you can download the episode here.  And don’t forget to share this with your friends!  Sharing is caring.

Tonight’s intro song is Prince Something by Mathusaworm!  Find them on InstagramSoundcloud, and Facebook

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05th Jan2017

CAMcast: 2017 Races to Watch

by Michael Chandler

The CAMcast crew managed to survive those last, rough weeks of 2016, and are back in this new year with a new podcast for your ears!

In this episode Dave, Gavin, Brandon, and Me (me being Mike, sorry for all the coughing) tell you what races to watch this year, where to find them, and we ramble on about some other stuff.  It’s mostly the racing stuff though.  Give us a listen!  You can stream the episode here, get it on iTunes, or download it here.  

We mention some YouTube channels where you can watch races either live, or after their air date.  Here’s a brief list:

  • WorldChallenge TV, home of Pirelli World Challenge
  • IMSA Official, IMSA on YouTube
  • IMSA.tv, IMSA streaming on their own page
  • NISMO TV, The place to watch SuperGT, and Blanpain Endurance and Sprint races.  Also a bunch of cool Nissan stuff.
  • Climb Dance, a short film of a Peugeot 405 T16 GR climbing Pike’s Peak in the 80’s

And there you have it, more goodness for your ears, and things for you to do during the year.  We’ll be back next week!

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05th Jan2015

Tooele Historics: Brabham F1 Restoration

by Michael Chandler

Brabham F1 Restoration-5

Out in Tooele, at a shop at Miller Motorsports Park, is a man breathing life back into a pair of F1 chassis.  They aren’t ground breaking achievements in the sport, they’re a pair of chassis that more often than not finished poorly or failed to qualify.  They were made by a historic name, during an uneventful time in their history.  They are a pair of Brabham chassis, a BT59 and a BT60, and they’re being restored by Steven Costello, a man who knows more about putting these together than any of us ever could.

Brabham F1 Restoration

I say he knows more about this because he does.  He has had a long career in motorsports, both driving and turning wrenches.  In the nineties he was one of a handful of Americans working as mechanics in Formula 1.  He was employed by Equipe Ligier, and now he’s using those years of knowledge to bring yet another Brabham chassis to life for Race Co.

Brabham F1 Restoration-11

These chassis were bought at auction by a pair of brothers.  Included in their purchase were all manner of spares, fasteners, and paperwork including spec sheets for individual practices, qualifying sessions and races.  The brothers plan to race these things, against each other, at Miller upon their completion.  When I stopped in on Halloween Steven had the BT59 on stands, with the Judd V8 mounted.  It was looking like a race car, while the BT60 was still in pieces.  The 59 was more complete, but still nowhere near done.  It was waiting on some components to be shipped back from being rebuilt.  You can’t easily find some of these parts, and you can’t just drop it off at your local shop to be rebuilt or tackle it yourself with your handy dandy socket set.

Brabham F1 Restoration-4

And some of the parts had to be sent off for inspection.  Those suspension arms you see next to the blue tote?  They were x-rayed to ensure they weren’t cracked.  And they aren’t powder coated.  It’s a special compound that you see on every major open wheel car, because it’s lighter and doesn’t hinder inspection processes.

Brabham F1 Restoration-14

Speaking of lightness, do you see all of those containers?  They’re full of fasteners.  Fasteners made of titanium.  This is a back marker team.  A team that finished 9th in the Constructor’s Championship in 1990, and was doing so bad in the first half of 1991 that the FIA made them pre-qualify for races in the second half of the season.  And they outright failed to qualify twice!  They finished 9th in the Constructor’s Championship behind a struggling Lotus, and then collapsed.

Brabham F1 Restoration-7

After a team collapses things go up for sale.  Sometimes the people who buy the team’s assets use them in their own attempt to race.  Others buy the big, showy pieces (engines, cockpits, nose cones, spoilers, etc) and display them or piece together a shell of a car for display purposes.  And sometimes a privateer buys them, and takes them to a place that has experience with rebuilding old chassis, in an effort to bring them back to life so they can go race them.  Thankfully those brothers took the latter route, and took them to a great shop who brought in an extremely knowledgeable man to bring them back to life.  Hopefully we’ll see the cars back together, out pairing off with the BT60 chassis Race Co already restored this year, in our own historic gathering.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler
*Article and Photos are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners.
10th Jul2013

RaceCo’s F1 Car

by Michael Chandler

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-12

Late last year RaceCo took delivery of a 1992 Brabham F1 car.  If you’ve stopped by the shop between December and now, you would have seen it in various states of assembly.  It took seven months, but finally the beast made it’s public debut on a stormy July evening.  Joey and I made the trip out to see this car take some cuts at the Outer Loop.  Thunderstorms were forecasted for the evening, and severe thunderstorm warning was issued for Tooele.  We hydroplaned through Salt Lake County, and found dry pavement in Tooele County.  We had high hopes for good weather.

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1

We arrived to the sound of the GTR turning some laps.  As it turns out, there was a track day happening concurrently with the F1 car debut.  As the session wound down we heard the F1 car wind up and make its way to the track itself.  Pete hopped in the seat once occupied by Damon Hill and took to the outer loop.  We ran over to the Clubhouse to get some photos (me) and video (Joey on his phone).  The first outing was cut short due to a downpour the popped up during the second lap, but we did manage to snap a few photos.  After that we made our way to RaceCo’s shop to see the beast up close.

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-9

It drew a crowd by the time we arrived.  Pete and Cole were pointing out things on the car, and answering some *ahem* interesting questions (Is it going to be street legal?).  While questions were asked and answered, Joey and I began scrambling around the garage and snapping photos.

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-7

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-2

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-11

The heart of this beast is a Judd built V10.  Suffice it to say, it screams.

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-5

It also has a wood grain shift knob.  Because classy.  Fun fact, this is an H pattern transmission.

The rain let up, and the other cars dried up the track.  We ran over to the top of The Attitudes to snap some pictures, grab some videos and generally sit in awe of the aural bliss that is a V10 era F1 car.

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-14

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-15

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-17

We watched, we listened, we packed it in and made our way back to the shop for free Red Bull (courtesy of Ryan Salazar) and burgers.

RaceCo F1 Car Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-18

And to see how those massive Avon slicks looked after a full session.

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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20th Apr2011

Austin F1: Circuit of the Americas Preview

by Trent

Austin F1 Track CAMAutoMag
We’re a bit excited that Formula One is returning to the United States. We’ll be going to Austin in 2012 to check out this race, but here’s of preview video of the track layout after the jump. (more…)

18th Apr2011

CAM Video Podcast #2

by Trent

CAM Video Podcast
The second edition of our car video podcast kicks of with better sound, better location, and better video quality. We’ve also shortened it’s length a bit and added Johnny to the mix. Available to download in HD, SD, and Mobile! Check it out after the jump. (more…)