10th Nov2010

New features on CAM!

by Trent

We consider ourselves to be a magazine, and not a blog because that’s how we started. Making magazines for you to download. Unfortunately due to time constraints we had to stop that and switch to our current format. Now with our Feature Cars, we are bringing back a magazine-style cover to bring that magazine feel to the site. This will be the main way you can tell a Feature from us covering a car we like. And because not all cars are worthy of full-on features, we are introducing,  “It Plays”. It’s a car that we like, but it may only have an exhaust, intake, wheels, and suspension. Something that’s been put together nicely, but may not have a motor swap or turbo kit. You will see that debut soon. Today we are kicking off the new magazine cover on a feature about a Twin Turbo Lotus V8 powered DeLorean and you can expect the full write up on that later today. And as promised, this week, we will have a downloadable magazine covering the 2010 SEMA Show. We also have a review of the Top Gear USA program coming this week.

We want to thank those who entered our SEMA Swag contest, and we are currently hard at work on another contest with bigger prizes, but it will require some input on your part. We need participants if you want these contests to continue because the prizes are coming out of our pockets. Feel free to give us suggestions on what would get you excited about our contests.

Also, we have a new Contributor to the site, his name is Johnny, he is an excellent story teller and has extensive experience working on and with cars, and in the coming weeks you will be hearing from him.

Hope you like what we’re working on, we always have ideas kicking around, and we’ll try to implement them whenever we can. Thank you for your continued support.

-Trent Bray

10th Aug2010

Changes at Cars and Modifications

by Trent

What’s New

All has been silent for a little while, and due to timing and other miscellaneous issues, we’ve decided to take Cars and Modifications in a different direction. It will still be an online magazine supporting all makes and models, but instead of being laid out in a traditional print layout, it will now be more like a blog. The same articles, features, and stories will still be carefully crafted, but considering we still have other jobs to worry about, this is less time consuming and we do not have to hoard content until we have enough for an entire issue.

What’s in it for you

This will provide faster access to the articles you want. You can read the articles and see the pictures soon after we shoot them. Freeing up more time for us means we can be out shooting more features and coming up with new contests. We feel this will be better for all of us. Starting tomorrow, you will get non-stop articles and features starting tomorrow with a 912WHP Camaro!

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact me at tbray[at]camautomag.com or comment below. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Trent Bray, Editor-in-Chief

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