18th May2013

CAM Goes To COTA: Day 1

by Michael Chandler

CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1-2

It’s the inaugural Austin 400 V8 Supercars race, and as a group Trent, Cherp, James and myself decided to chip in and come down.  We’re going to be down here until Monday, and at the track today and tomorrow.  We flew in yesterday and went straight to the track.  Here’s a brief run down of events preceding and during our trip to Circuit of the Americas here in Austin.


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1

Cherp flew in to Salt Lake from Seattle.  He did some prodigious foursquare-ing, and proceeded to creep on us at the terminal in Salt Lake until we found him.  Him, Jamie and myself grabbed some coffee before boarding.  Unfortunately we were separated during the flight, and they got a window on their aisle.  Cherp and I were left to entertain ourselves…


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-4

Naturally, when we deplaned, we were greeted by a bar.


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-8

It was then time to procure the rental mobile.  We were getting a Focus, or something “similar”.


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-6

The idea of the Focus gave Jamie a stroke… Or something…


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-7

…while Cherp seemed just delighted by the prospect of the Focus.


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-10

Similar?  YOU BET!  Similar price?  the BMW was $50 more PER DAY.  So we opted for the Focus, which we have claimed as our own.  And then we were off!


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-11

She’s a sight to behold.


CAM goes to COTA 5 17 13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-13

You know who was excited to get in?  JAMIE!


We were greeted with raucous backfire from the Aussies and Kiwis during the practice session we watched.  We were then treated to a practice session from one of the support series: IMSA Porsche GT3 Cup, where we noticed some familiar cars from Miller Motorsports Park.

We’ll be back out there today, and tomorrow.  Follow the lot of us on Instagram and Twitter for more photos and shenanigans: @camautomag @cherp92lx @dubbindahl and @mchandphoto

Words and photos by Michael Chandler
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10th May2013

Weekend Wallpapers May 10

by Michael Chandler

Back after a very long hiatus are the weekend wallpapers!  Today we’ve got a couple of quality photos just asking to be in your life.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag

First up is the RaceCo R35 GTR, sitting on its air jack on pit lane in the fading light, waiting to add to the legend of the GTR.


Miller Total Performance Museum Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1

Next is one of the original Gulf GT40s, one of the first cars to ever wear the now iconic livery.  This car’s legend was set in stone long ago.


Words and photos by Michael Chandler

Right/ctrl click on the image and open in a new tab/window, then right/ctrl click and save it.

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23rd Apr2013

NASA Racing April 20

by Michael Chandler

NASA Racing 4-20-13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-29

It wasn’t the most ideal day for racing: It rained.  It hailed.  It was cold and miserable for a while.  Not everyone had rain tires.  But eventually it did dry up, warm up, and nobody (that I saw or heard about) had a serious wreck.  It ended up being a good Saturday.


NASA Racing 4-20-13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-31

The TurboLabs S2000 had some issues with Clubhouse in qualifying.


NASA Racing 4-20-13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-61

HPDE Groups 1 and 2 got to run in the rain.  For some this was a bit hairier than it was for others.


NASA Racing 4-20-13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-38

A legitimate Aplina B9 was out running.  Might not have been the best tool for the job, but it might have been the prettiest.


NASA Racing 4-20-13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-34

This LS7 powered SLP Camaro made the trip down from Idaho, making it the second fourth generation Camaro to race this season!


NASA Racing 4-20-13 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-155


Sally broke her transmission during the first TT session.  We were all a little saddened.  Being unable to race left her plenty of time to instruct Megan and give me the peace sign!

There was more.  Much more.  Too much to jam into a post here, so we dumped the photos into a MASSIVE Facebook album for you to enjoy.  The next event is May 3-5 on the outer loop.  Head over to NASAUtah.com to see the full schedule and to register.


Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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18th Mar2013

Miller Motorsports Park Racing Schools

by Trent

MMP Mustangs CAM Michael Chandler-10

A few weeks ago, we got the call that went something like this, “How would you like to ride around in a Ford Raptor on a snow covered track?” An emphatic yes was our response!

MMP Mustangs CAM Michael Chandler-5

Jason Smith from Innovative Garage was on the other end of this call, and he happens to also be an instructor for the Ford Racing School, Raptor Assault, and Boss Track Attack at Miller Motorsports Park in Tooele, UT. The Ford Racing School allows you to get as little as 10 laps in a race-prepared Mustang up to a 4-day intensive course that nets you a competition racing license. Everyone wants to go fast, and we don’t always have the vehicle that allows us to do so. These Mustangs are nothing short of a competition car with a stripped-out interior, roll cage, racing seat with harness, and only a window net separating you from the thrilling action.

MMP Mustangs CAM Michael Chandler-4

While the cars themselves are currently tucked away in garages at the track, they are getting upgraded and re-tuned for the 2013 season. And this season delivers no shortage of excitement as seat time is filling up already.

Mustang FR500S

For most of us, we don’t have a race-prepped car ready to hit the track. We might have our daily driver ready for auto-x action with a suspension adjustment and different wheels and tires, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but a full-blown race car experience on a road course is hard to match. Miller Motorsports Park fortunately provides this experience with their Mustangs. The days start in the classroom where you are greeted with a Mustang Challenge car, and a searing orange Mustang that was used as the development mule for the Mustang Challenge car. The wall is littered with Mustang memorabilia and magazine covers. Not a bad sight in the house.

FR500S and MMP Prototype Mustang Michael Chandler-4

Moving on to the Raptors. Late last year, the Raptor Assault program was launched. The Raptor Assault program allows you to experience the off-road prowess of a Ford Raptor with skilled instructors helping improve yours skills. This can start with the Raptor Experience that lasts either a morning or afternoon where you can tackle different terrain from rock-crawling to desert racing. This is further enhanced when the instructor takes the wheel and shows you what it’s really capable of.

Ford Raptor Assault

The One-Day Raptor Assault furthers this with more instruction and more freedom to tackle 900 acres of open desert. We are seriously hoping to get more involved in this over the coming season. Our short time in the Raptor pushed itself up near the top of vehicles I “Must Own”.

Ford Raptor Assault Vehicle

Again, a special thanks goes out to Jason at Innovative Garage for making this happen. Check out Miller Motorsports Park for your chance to drive these vehicles.

Words by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler and Trent Bray

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12th Sep2012

Inside Dave’s Unit

by Michael Chandler

Before Trent, Tommy and Dave abandoned me left for their SF trip, Dave and I went up to his storage unit to grab some stuff that he had sold/is selling.  Now, we’ve known Dave for many years but this provided a look into…  Well, we already knew this but here’s a chance for you to get a little glimpse into what is going on in Dave’s unit, nay head…  STORAGE UNIT!!!  MIND!!!  Stupid double entendres…

He has three cars in there in various states of togetherness.  A SN95 Mustang Cobra (theft recovery), a Mitsubishi Starion TSi (on its second head gasket) and his FC RX7 convertible (no engine, but no drive shaft either).  The Starion is the closest thing to a drivable car in there, which makes sense considering it was the last thing put in there.

He also has remnants of projects past in there, such as the “Ghetto Bastard” CRX which sported an exhaust off of an EF Civic sedan.  

Dave has a lot of goofy, weird stuff in his garage, which makes sense because Dave (like the rest of us) is a goofy, weird guy.  We’re proud to have Dave on board, and we’re rather excited to see what he pulls out of his head/unit next.  STORAGE UNIT!  Son of a!…

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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18th Nov2011

Mouse’s 2006 Ford Mustang GT

by Trent

5.0L Mustang

This was one of the first cars we saw when we entered the SEMA Show this year. It was also one of the most memorable. Not just for the car itself, which is amazing, but for the story. You see Mouse Prosen, the owner of this car is a disabled veteran, cancer survivor, former U.S. Marine who drove this car all the way from South Carolina to Las Vegas, Nevada for the SEMA Show. Mouse even had the gas receipts ready for anyone who doubted him. This is quite the journey, and the car’s journey is nothing short of amazing.

Supercharged Ford MustangMouse knew he wanted a new Mustang back in 2006, but he didn’t want just anything. No stock black Mustang was going to satisfy him. He saw the Screaming Yellow Mustang and had to have it. After buying the Mustang, he couldn’t think of what he wanted to name it, and before he could, the car was wrecked into a tree after he blacked out coming home from a car show. The car saved his life, and he swore by it and bought another one just like it 3 weeks later. This time, he knew he needed a name, and after seeing the movie “Eragon”, he knew he had his name, Saphira.

Saphira is a dragon in that movie, and the engine definitely breathes fire. It features a built 4.6L motor stroked to 5.0L with Manley Pistons, H-Beam rods, billet crank, and ported and polished heads and throttle body. To top off this motor, a Paxton Novi 2300 Supercharger was attached with an air-to-air intercooler. This brings the total power to 720WHP on 89 octane pump gas! It is put to the ground through a short-shifter and an Axle Exchange 4″ Aluminum driveshaft. In case things get serious, there is a nitrous bottle hidden away in the back, but something tells me it won’t be needed anytime soon.

Baer Brakes on Mustang Stopping this dragon is no small task, and Baer Brakes and Discount Tire were up to the challenge. The 20″ Liquid Metal Wheels shod with Bridgestone tires from a Nissan GT-R perfectly showcase the brakes. Fortunately for Mouse, Baer and Discount Tire helped him on this project. When times were really rough for Mouse, his wife Alena knew what he needed, a car he could be proud of. After 18 major surgeries she told him to make the car of his dreams. This is the second time the car saved his life, he was dedicated to the build and he had many sponsors help him create his dream along the way. There are too many parts and sponsors to list here, but many people and companies stepped up to the plate. And to pass on those dreams, Mouse bought a bear from Ford where they donate another bear to a child with cancer and the proceeds to cancer research. In exchange, they also gave Mouse a bear and it always rides shotgun with him wherever he goes. It only gets moved to the back seat when his wife rides along.

Pinstriped MustangA very unique feature of this car is the pinstriping. This car was painstakingly striped by the late James Crawford. This car was the only car that he signed twice. After James passed away, his son Jimmy took hold of the reigns and pinstriped the amplifiers for Mouse. A lot of miscellaneous parts on the car were designed by Mouse like the Saphira brake light cover and antenna. The exterior also includes 3D Carbon Lower Louvers and many parts from Agent 47. The bumper and side skirts are by Roush Racing and look new despite this car being driven. Everything was thought through and the execution is immaculate.

Treo Audio in FordListening to this car’s audio system is a real treat, most systems that are built emphasize or over-emphasize the bass. The sound inside this car is clean and crisp. Using American-made TREO amplifiers and speakers and SSP subwoofers hooked to a Clarion deck, this car sounds great. But why do you need all that sound equipment when you have a 3″ Afco Headers and Magnaflow Exhaust to listen to? In the video below you get a short clip of this car driving away from the shoot, it sounds good!

Roadwire Interior in MustangThe interior was re-upholstered by Roadwire in yellow and black and it perfectly compliments the exterior. But the yellow carbon-fiber dash is where the party is at, literally. Many significant individuals have signed the dash for Mouse. Carroll Shelby, Steve Saleen, Jack Roush, Chip Foose, and more.

Mouse Prosen's MustangThe center console also was re-done and includes a mouse embroidered on.

5.0 Supercharged MustangThe dragon painted on the radiator cover help bring the dragon theme full circle, and fittingly it is in front of this motor. Anderson Motorsports custom made the intake to help this beast breathe. And by the sound of future plans, it seems like it’ll need to breathe. Mouse hopes to take this one day to the Texas Mile and crack off a 200MPH run. This is something we can all get behind.

Daily Driven show car

This car is a labor of love and passion. Mouse is a long-time Ford fan and dreamed to build this car. When going through some rough times, this car helped pull him through. Mouse would like to thank his sponsors, especially RoadWire who not only helped with the Interior, but also made the SEMA trip possible. Mouse has big plans for 2012, and we are excited to see how they unfold.

Words and Video by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler

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28th Jul2011

The Next…Acura Integra

by Trent

2 Yellow Integra Type R'sUsually when I type up one of these “The Next…” articles, I have a clear idea of what the next car in line is to replace something. But how do you replace a legend, the one that got so many people into modifying cars? And the best question is, is there anything like the Integra out there anymore? This is not your normal “The Next…” article, check out why after the jump. (more…)

13th Apr2011

CAM Photo Post 2

by Trent

Need to relax to just car photos? Here are a few in our second set of never before seen pics.
2011 Mustang GT 5.0

More after the jump. (more…)

19th Jan2011

Dispatches From A Small Market Auto Show

by Michael Chandler

On Martin Luther King Day I took in the final day of the Salt Lake International Auto Show. It happens every year, and I always go so I can put my ass in the seats of some of the cars I’ve been reading about. I say some because not every car is there (Chrysler 300, Dodge Charger) and some are locked (ZR1). This isn’t a huge show, like Detroit, LA or New York, but it’s an opportunity for us (the public) to get some time inside the new models.

With that in mind, I grabbed my ancient Nikon point and shoot, hopped in the Subaru, and made my way to the Southtowne Expo Center to sit in cars I can’t afford at the moment. (more…)

30th Dec2010

CAM Cars of the Year – 2010

by Trent

Here it is, our list of the greatest cars of 2010 and some honorable mentions. Read More…Mustang 5.0 (more…)