31st Jan2019

CAMcast 162: With Bruno Carneiro!

by Michael Chandler

Welcome back for the episode you’ve been waiting for: the one where a thirty-something journalist interviews a teenage racing phenom!  Yes, Burno Carneiro stuck around for another episode.  After we all got distracted by our soundboard (sorry, and it’s not going anywhere), we talked to Burno about his start in motorsports, the heights and challenges of racing Formula 4 and Formula 3 in foreign countries, landing on his feet with Makes & Models, the challenges of turning on the lights in a Lamborghini, and the meaning of a very special acronym. 

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10th Nov2016

Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Co-Founder of HKS, Dead at 71

by Michael Chandler


Hiroyuki Hasegawa, co-founder of legendary tuning company HKS, has passed away at age 71.  The company released a brief statement, which contained no specific details of his death.

Founded in 1973 by Hasegawa and Goichi Kitigawa, and with an investment from Sigma Automotive, HKS has been one of the premier tuners in the world.  Crafting everything from one of the fastest R35 GTRs in the world (pictured above), to outright drag racing monsters, top speed machines, and even developing a Formula 1 engine, HKS cemented itself in the lexicon of those who know about speed and craftsmanship.  

A former Yamaha engineer, Hasegawa worked tirelessly to develop and release his first aftermarket turbocharger kit in 1974.  From there his company developed many turbo kits and upgrade kits, eventually developing electronic devices that would become staples in the tuning world: boost controllers and turbo timers.  HKS has been involved in all levels of motorsport, from D1GP to JGTC, Formula 3 to drag racing.  Demand became so great that the company expanded into the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, and Thailand.

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17th Jul2014

NASA Utah Round 4 Bonus Gallery

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Wells CAMautoMag (24 of 32)

The Good Dr. Z, that’s Michael Wells, sent us some photos from the last NASA Utah round.  These are all from the Sunday of that weekend, so we have some snaps of the Formula 3 race, along with some snaps of your favorite locals.

Words by Michael Chandler, photos by Michael Wells

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07th Jul2014

NASA Utah Round 4

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (2 of 225)

Round four of the NASA Utah season was held on the East Track of Miller Motorsports Park on a lovely late June Saturday.  Not only were the usual competitors out and about, there were guests from some of the neighboring states who came to get their fill of racing.  The track also welcomed competitors from the Formula 3 PanAm series for what was… Well, the little Abarth powered cars were out and about.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (69 of 225)

See? There they are.  It was immensely interesting to watch them run around and hear their turbos spooling up.  Unfortunately Saturday was a series of practice sessions for these little cars, but the Formula and Super Formula racers made up for it with their two races and combined nine car field.  You could say the action was *puts on sunglasses* hot.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (110 of 225)



Sorry.  The Formula field was home to the flame throwers of #42 Chris Taylor and #16 Steve Dickert, pictured above.  While they looked the coolest while doing so, they finished in positions three (Taylor) and four (Dickert) in both races.  Second place in both races went to Steven “No, I don’t know Elvis” Costello, and taking the win twice was Troy “The Duffman” Duffin.  This is the second consecutive race day where the Duffin and Costello took the top two spots, and the first weekend where they received nicknames.  It may also be the last weekend for the nicknames.  On to Super Formula!

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (108 of 225)

Races one and two were taken by Ian Lacy, with an average margin of victory of twenty seconds.  Who was looking at the back end of Lacy’s Mazda was a different matter.  In race one it was Terry Biner in the #11 Rodizio Grill car, who was ahead of the #6 piloted by Bryant Gay.  In race two the pair switched, with Gay finishing ahead of Biner.  Positions four and five in both races were held by John LaBrie and Dennis Gay respectively.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (182 of 225)

The Time Trial group saw new faces from our neighboring states, and also the freshly wrapped T.W. Racing Audi R8 LMS.  Derek Wolthoff took home the win in TT1, but not after a situation in one of the morning sessions.  The car lost all power, leading to the session being black flagged.  There was concern as to what happened.  I managed to find Derek in his garage during the lunch break, but he was napping.  Thankfully someone else with the team told me a relay box came loose, which cause the loss of power.  The reattached the box and away they went in the next session.  Second place belonged to Mark Melchor and his blue FD chassis RX7, and rounding out the podium was another blue car: Shawn Murphy’s STi.

TT2 was a two man affair between Greg Valdez and John Allen.  On paper it would seem as though Allen’s 911 would walk away from Greg’s STi, but Lelantos proved victorious by running a 1:43.648, 1.57 seconds quicker than the Porsche could manage.

Christopher Mayfield and his red BMW took the top spot in TT3, running away from Travis Williams’s Mustang which edged out Shay Chappell’s Porsche 911.

TTB saw two of the top three spots owned by Honda S2000s.  Michael Forsythe and Hsun Chen took first and third, with Richard Thiessens breaking up the potential 1-2 S2000 podium by less than half a second with his STi.

In TTD Gordon Anderson’s Miata too the win over Kieth Pizio’s Honda Civic, while in TTE another Miata (driven by David Sherman) beat out Ben Lamberson’s Audi and Jeb Brown’s Subaru to take thw win.

Cole Powelson took the Wild Shick Racing GTR to the winner’s circle in TTU, followed by Robert Cowan in his Shelby Cobra kit car.  Richard Weston is listed in third place in the class, but no time is listed.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (121 of 225)

A twenty-three car field made up the Lightning race group, and within it there were bright flashes of brilliance.  The first such flash came form Arthur Golebiowski in Spec Z.  Not only did he win the class, but he yet again took the top spot in the run group.  To be fair, the Spec Z class was the fastest class in the group and also one of three 5 car classes.  Second place in Spec Z belonged to Ashley Burt, and third was Tom Kaminski’s.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (146 of 225)

The top of the Spec Miata field was a race long battle between Chris Bond and MacKay Snow.  Chris held the young Snow off for a while, but MacKay got around the red 007 car and managed to keep Bond in his mirrors, securing another win for the Snow family.  Meanwhile, David Sherman took the other white and blue Miata to the low step on the podium.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (30 of 225)

Speaking of Miatas, Todd Green took his to another victory in PTE.  Mr. Green can wheel, and the 40+ second margin of victory and a fastest lap two and a half seconds faster than the next quickest show that.  Allan Anderson and Randy Cummings battled for second place, with Cummings coming out on top.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (32 of 225)

Mr. Joseph Ostrander narrowly beat out Rob Hickman for the GTS2 win.  The BMWs battled all race long, and Hickman kept trying to make moves on Ostrander but nothing would stick.  Christina Werley, a bit further back from the acation, took third place.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (150 of 225)

The 944 Spec class had the second closest gap between the winner and second place.  Daniel Williams and Greg Troester went head to head all race, fighting through traffic to keep pace with the other.  Williams passed Troester and managed to hold him off for a win by .220 seconds!  Otto Silva  rounded out the podium.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (31 of 225)

Despite being in PTB, Bill Noblitt ran with the top two GTS2 competitors.  His total time of 22:06.854 was five seconds slower than GTS2 second place finisher Rob Hickman.  He took the class win by default, but still put on quite a driving performance.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (187 of 225)

After the Lightning comes the Thunder, and this group was very solid.  There were multi-class battles all over the track (pictured above: ST2 class winner Brendon Stewart and GTS4 class winner Chris Vivolo battle through The Attitudes), and also some disappointments.  Kyle Shick blew the intercooler piping off in the Wild Shick Racing GTR and retired after five laps.  Dave Dingman lost the clutch in the Freeway Mazda sponsored Miata after four laps, and spent the rest of the race stuck on the side of the track.

There were three one man classes in the group.  Camaro Mustang Challenge was occupied by Joe Bogetich and his white Camaro.  Russ Timmons and his orange and chrome Porsche 911 were all by their lonesome in GTS5, and Dennis Gay in the white RaceCo 911 was the one man band in GTSU.

As mention previsouly, Chris Vivolo took the win in GTS4.  He put a twenty-seven and a half second lead on John Allen, who took second, while Gregory Dell finished a lap down for third.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (204 of 225)

Ricky Rudd, I mean Bob Evans in the #88 Snickers Ford Fusion Car Of Tomorrow beat out  Patrick Laughlin’s deBoulle Porsche 911 for a ST1 win.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (42 of 225)

Brendon Stewart was the only driver in ST2 to finish on the lead lap, which meant he won.  A lap down in second was Drew Wadolny.  Nine laps down was Dave Dingman, who retired with clutch issues.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (47 of 225)

Travis Tidball held off the massive ST3 pack to claim a victory.  Second place in the nine car class was Todd Ainsworth in the Us Against One clothing STi, with Jason Bamberg nipping at his heels in the #92 Mustang.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (213 of 225)

With the Wild Shick Racing GTR retiring after five laps, Super Unlimited was George Smith’s to lose.  He did not do that, finishing a lap ahead of Skip Sasser’s S10 pickup.

NASA Utah Round 4 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler (224 of 225)

It was a solid day of racing, with a record number of entrants: 132.  Will there be more in August for Round 5?  Here’s to hoping we see some new faces and yours August 15-17 for some racing on the outer loop!

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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