27th Jul2011

Photo Post 3

by Trent

We all know that you love photos of modified cars, and well, we enjoy taking photos of modified cars here at CAMautoMag which kind of works out well for us both. Lately we’ve traveled to Kentucky, Ohio, Tennessee, Georgia, and Miller Motorsports Park and these are some pics from those trips. We’ve got more on our plate though, and plenty more pics to come, so expect more of these photo-only posts. With the new site, we’re about more pictures, so instead of the usual 5 photos in a photo post, here’s another photo post for you with a few more. Check out the car pictures after the jump. (more…)

12th Jul2011

VW GLI: Low, not slow

by Trent

It took time for us to track down this car. I had managed to see it numerous times as I drove to and from work. I knew the general idea of where the owner of the car worked, and then suddenly it disappeared. I later found out Spencer, the owner of this car, quit that job, but a chance appearance at Wuste 2011 led me back to the beauty of this car and its simplicity.
This 2005 VW Jetta GLI is daily driven and the ride height is static. Just getting to the photo shoot location required careful and deliberate maneuvering, but even that wasn’t enough to avoid scraping the front lip a couple times. You’d think with a vehicle this low, it’d be all about showmanship, but that’s where you’re wrong, it’s ready to get up and go if called upon. VW GLI CAM Cover (more…)