16th Aug2018

CAMcast: Hot August Nick, Miata Thrashin’, and Daily Drivin’!

by Michael Chandler

Welcome to this very fun episode of the CAMcast!  Gavin and Mike talk with our guests Nick Stucky, Super Fan Brandon Kuhn, and Julian Whitterton about two British classics and “motorcycle”, fun and adventure in Reno, getting a Miata ready for drifting, and engineering.  Then they all discuss your choices for the best daily driver, and throw out their choices.

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10th Nov2016

Hiroyuki Hasegawa, Co-Founder of HKS, Dead at 71

by Michael Chandler


Hiroyuki Hasegawa, co-founder of legendary tuning company HKS, has passed away at age 71.  The company released a brief statement, which contained no specific details of his death.

Founded in 1973 by Hasegawa and Goichi Kitigawa, and with an investment from Sigma Automotive, HKS has been one of the premier tuners in the world.  Crafting everything from one of the fastest R35 GTRs in the world (pictured above), to outright drag racing monsters, top speed machines, and even developing a Formula 1 engine, HKS cemented itself in the lexicon of those who know about speed and craftsmanship.  

A former Yamaha engineer, Hasegawa worked tirelessly to develop and release his first aftermarket turbocharger kit in 1974.  From there his company developed many turbo kits and upgrade kits, eventually developing electronic devices that would become staples in the tuning world: boost controllers and turbo timers.  HKS has been involved in all levels of motorsport, from D1GP to JGTC, Formula 3 to drag racing.  Demand became so great that the company expanded into the United States, Europe and the United Kingdom, and Thailand.

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28th Jan2016

America’s Favorite Drifting Ginger Goes East

by Michael Chandler

D Spare Demp Apr 26 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-39

Brandon Wicknick just got back from Japan, where he was driving a 180SX.  We’re going to try and catch up with him, and bug him about the trip, if he brought us anything, and Brazilian food in Japan.  Anyway, follow him on instagram with the hashtag #brandoninjapan and check-out highlights from his awesome trip.  This is a super old photo, but it’s cool and helps deliver the point