17th Feb2016

Nice Accord, Bro

by Michael Chandler

Integra cover (1 of 1)

It’s always nice seeing an Accord done up in a clean way

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18th Aug2010

CAM Photo Gallery is live!

by Trent

2010 Camaro SS with LSX-R MotorThe moment you’ve been waiting for! We’ve finally launched our photo gallery featuring some never before seen pictures of our features and others you know and love. Check out the Modified Car Photo Gallery.

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12th Aug2010

The Odd Couple: Two K20 Civics with Opposing Personalities

by Michael Chandler

The similarities between these two Civics are irrefutable: both have two doors, both have K20’s, both have wheels that are more at home on racing cars than on street cars, but that’s where the similarities end. (more…)