02nd Feb2018

How and Where to Watch The Bathurst 12 Hour

by Michael Chandler

It’s a wonderful weekend that’s upon us!  The LiquiMoly Bathurst 12 Hour is upon us!  Practice sessions are wrapping up, and soon we’ll have qualifying, and then the ridiculousness that is a twelve hour race at Mount Panorama.  A race that starts before sunrise.  On a track that has insanely fast straights, claustrophobia inducing sections, wildlife, and wild ass fans.  It’s so great!!!  AND, unlike so many other races, we can actually watch this here (America) without going through nefarious/dangerous means!  Here’s how, and when.


Final practice starts at 2:45PM, followed by qualifying at 4:45PM, and wraps up with the Top Ten Shootout at 9:10.  That’s all happening today, Friday.  Tomorrow is when the real fun starts.  At 11:20AM the race coverage gets underway.  


The important part.  There are a few ways to watch.  Both the Bathhurst 12 Hour and Intercontinental GT Challenge sites have live streaming on them.  Despite not having any cars in the field, NISMO.tv will be streaming the race.  Radio Le Mans will have audio, as is the norm for them.  Live timing is on the Bathurst page and the IGTC page.  


Cherp and I will be doing some live commentating on Twitter during the race!  Will it be informative?  Maybe.  Will it be rational?  Probably not.  Will it be fun?  I don’t see why not!  Join us tomorrow!

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10th Feb2017

CAMcast: Mike & Dave Watch Stuff

by Michael Chandler

Just in time for you to ignore what is either the last day of your work week, or just another work day: it’s the latest episode of the CAMcast!  Light crew today, but some heavy conversation.  Mike and Dave talk about:

  • The Bathurst 12 Hour
  • The Grand Tour
  • Drifting
  • What cars they’d buy if they won the lottery
  • Bad drivers
  • Cars that bad drivers drive

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06th Feb2017

Weekend Video Roundup

by Michael Chandler

A lot of cool stuff happened over the weekend, here’s what you might have missed.


Team Take Luck: Vegas Drift from Tannerspencercreative on Vimeo.

Tanner Spencer dropped a video from Vegas Drift, featuring the Take Luck guys.  We’re trying to figure out the logistics so we can make it down to one, and bring you our brand of shenanigans… uhhh, I mean coverage…


It’s hard to distill the Bathurst 12 Hour down into two minutes, but since there isn’t a full upload of the race anywhere this is the best option.  It’s two minutes of highlights from the insanity that was the Bathurst 12 Hours.  As soon as someone uploads the whole race (the NISMO TV stream cuts off the last half hour), we’ll let you know.


Alexi, AKA Noriyaro, went to the Drift Chou Drift Tengoku event in Odaiba last Christmas Eve.  The half hour long video dropped a couple days ago, and it’s worth the watch.

Anything we missed?  Drop it in the comments, let your fellow enthusiasts know what’s good!

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