05th May2016

The Importance of Being a Fan

by Michael Chandler

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I’m genuinely excited about cars.  All cars.  Race cars, show cars, stance cars, drift cars, crazy ass hyper cars, and seemingly mundane, but still fun economy cars.  And I hope that excitement is coming through, because if I saw this like I do my day job, the coverage wouldn’t be as good, the features wouldn’t be what they are, the opinions would be super mild, and this site probably would have folded long ago.

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If I wasn’t a fan, I wouldn’t sacrifice time with my girlfriend, friends and family to come out and bring you guys photos and stories from all of the events I get to.  I wouldn’t have that dedication, I’d just sit at home and binge watch all the things on Netflix and Amazon, and maybe have a better golf game and more stuff to talk about with the general public.

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It was this from this fire, this passion, this fandom, that all of the CAM goodness has risen.  Honestly, we all have something we’re fans of.  Be it a TV show or a book or a movie franchise, we’ve all got that one thing that, when we speak, we get this look in our eye and we perk up.  For me, for us, it’s cars.  And I hope that that comes through in all of the stuff we put out there.  Being a fan, being genuinely excited about cars, and racing, and everything car related, is a huge reason why we are the way we are, and this site is this site.

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03rd Jun2010

CAM: Write the Editors

by Trent

As with many automotive magazines, we’ll be reviewing letters to the editors. If you feel your voice needs to be heard, we’re willing to listen. If you want to express your love or hatred of our little magazine, email us at mailbag[at]camautomag.com and if you’re lucky, we’ll pick your letter as the best one we’ve received lately and send you a prize. No joke! You could win something just for typing out an email to us. Send it today!

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