31st Jan2013

Will It Fit? Lexus V8 Into a S13!

by Michael Chandler

1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-1 cover

Last night I went over to Jordan Collier’s frigid garage and watched him put together an engine hoist and then test fit his shiny new 1UZ V8.  Did it actually go in?

1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-2

Jordan decided to bolt up a few things before dropping it into the bay.  First was this spacer.  Gotta have it so the whole transmission and shifting thing work.  Looks odd, but it works.

1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-3


Then this beefy QuarterMaster clutch went on.  They use it in NASCAR, and that’s good enough for Jordan!

1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-4


With the clutch set up on, and the exhaust manifolds bolted up she began her journey down…

1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-5


Well whataya know?!?  She fits!!!  Not without a few minor issues, but nothing a cutting torch and a welder can’t fix.  Next time you see this thing out in the wild you’re gonna be seeing these under the hood:

1UZ test fit in S13 Michael Chandler-6


Words and photos by Michael Chandler.



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13th Aug2010

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The Odd Couple: Two K20 Civics with Opposing Personalities

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