27th Sep2017

What The Hell is This Mystery Car?

by Michael Chandler

Friend of the site, and current Mustang owner, Alex Crane spotted this mystery crossover in the Arizona White Mountains.  It was towing a little trailer, and he said it looked like a Dodge.

Sorry for the potato cam photos, but that’s what we got.  Those, and questions: what the hell is this thing?  Why is it towing a trailer?  Alex wants it to be a new Magnum.  Is he insane?  Well, more insane.  If you have any info, let us know.

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15th Apr2015

Mystery Mobiles!

by Michael Chandler


Greg Valdez spotted these camouflaged cars up in Park City today.  He was just as puzzled as we were, so we put the question of “What are we looking at?” to the people.  Being the humble media outlet we are, we ran it by someone at a slightly larger outfit.

A new Volt running around Park City?  Color us intrigued!  But then Mike Mcgrath, the features editor at Edmunds, chimed in  

Interdasting…  Do we have a camouflaged CT6 plug in hybrid testing alongside a Volt on a wintry spring day?  Is it a CT6 and an ELR?  More importantly, why are they at an Allstate office?  You have any insight on this?  Comment away and enlighten us