24th Aug2018

Pirelli World Challenge Grand Prix of Utah: A Fond Farewell

by Michael Chandler

Earlier this month, “this month” being August, we had what might be the last Pirelli World Challenge event at Utah Motorsports Campus for a while, if not ever.  Get yourself a sweet souvenir by buying a photo from the event!  With Utah Motorsports Campus being left off next year’s schedule, this event was probably the last time we’ll see the series roll through.  With that knowledge possibly weighing on the locals, they went out and had some solid showings.

David Askew and DXDT racing never left the podium for either of the GT Sprint-X AM class races, finishing first on Saturday and third on Sunday.

Despite only podiuming once, 2nd place on Saturday, Drew Stavely locked down the GTS-X Am championship on the very track where he teaches!  Yes, the Ford Performance Racing School instructor brought home the first championship for Ian Lacy Racing and G3 Racing with their Ginetta program.

Vesko Kozarov must be tapping into the same magic Arthur Golebiowski does, because he was no where near any of the other TC competitors!  He swept the weekend by bus lengths.

Other locals out racing on the weekend were the rest of the G3/Ian Lacy Racing team: husband and wife duo Frank and Jenny Gannet (Frank in the #24 Ginetta in GTS, Jen in the MX-5 Global Cup Car in TCA), and Steve Burns.

Daren Jorgensen was out and about in his M4 GT4 that’s probably been to more bucket list tracks than a lot of you reading this.  The car was shipped to Australia for the Bathurst 12 Hour, and has been doing regular GTS duty all season.

Lumber magnate (…sure?), and purveyor of fine grooming products, Jeff Burton was also out in GTS Am.  

In other news: I fell off a golf cart, almost ran into The Stradman (literally), met Tom O’Gorman, and caught up with friend of the program Ryan Eversley.  I also chatted with the dominant Bryan Herta Autosport Hyundai i30n TCR drivers about looking like the locals.  Anyway, here are a bunch of galleries to rifle through.  If you like what you see, you can buy some photos here.






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16th Jan2017

Some World Challenge News

by Michael Chandler

It’s the off season for the Pirelli World Challenge, but that doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.  Far from it!  You know that, but you might not know the details.  So, to that end, I’m gonna bring you a few news items of note.  Things to look for when the series comes through in August.  

Thing The First: DXDT Racing’s New Car

DXDT will be running a new Mercedes AMG GT3 in five Sprint-X and three regular sprint races this season.  Hooray shiny new car!  They’ll start the season at Virginia International Raceway April 28-30, then they run the rest of the schedule.  That’s definitely something to keep an eye on.  They’ve done great in the Super Trofeo series, and last year at Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca they went 1-2 in the GT Cup class in Sprint X.  To be honest, I’m more interested in hearing this thing at full tile than I am in seeing it.  Why? Have you heard the AMG V8’s?  There you go.

Thing the Second: Panoz Has a GTS Program

Yeah, Panoz is back in GT racing.  With Tommy Milner at the helm, Panoz will have a two car, full season GTS effort.  The car will be the Avezzano GT4, pictured above.  What the hell is an Avezzano?  It’s… It’s that blue car up there.  Details of the street car include a 450 horsepower, 6.2 liter V8, a six speed manual.  Not sure how those will change when it enter the series, but it will enter with full carbon fiber widebody, splitter, sideskirts, and rear diffuser.  The only announced driver is Ian James, who has A LOT of experience in many different types of cars (including previous stints with Panoz).  In addition to running the PWC effort, Milner is on hand to develop the car into a proper GT4 car; although, Panoz hasn’t made a homologation request to the GT4 geverning body: the SRO.

Thing the Third: Magnus Joins PWC

YES, Magnus is leaving the IMSA WeatherTech series and will be running a TWO car effort in PWC.  Formerly Twitterless and current team owner John Potter will drive one of the Audi Sport customer racing R8’s, and an as of yet unnamed Audi Sport customer racing supplied driver will be in the other.  They’ve won Rolex 24 races (one in a Porsche and one in an Audi), Sebring, and a couple of Tequila Patron North American Endurance championships, along with plenty of class wins.  They’ll be running the regular sprint races, along with the SprintX races.  More importantly, a fan favorite joins an incredibly fan friendly series, which means we all win.

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