26th Feb2020

CAMcast 253: Street Car to Race Car

by Dave Rawley

(NSFW)Live from Midvale, it’s the CAMcast!  We had a replacement Dave in the form of Brandon Kuhn, which was good because we got to hear his responses to the big questions first hand!  One of those questions was the last entry in Fantasy Draft February, The Street Car You’d Turn Into a Race Car draft.  The other was Trent’s Super SUV Track/Daily/Crush, featuring the Bentley Bentayga, Lamborghini Urus, and the Aston Martin DBX.

You guys and gals came out in force on both those questions, and it was awesome to hear your choices and why you made them.  Thank you so much for overwhelming responses, these are a lot more fun with you!  Speaking of fun, here is the full Marbula 1 playlist

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18th Jun2014

Question: What’s the Oddest Race Car You’ve Seen?

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah Round 3 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (124 of 148)

This question came about after I saw this Ranger/Explorer thingamajig make its third lap at Miller. It is one of the weirdest things I’ve seen take a lap (a quick lap at that), and that got me to wondering about odd racers you’ve seen.

Years ago, when GT Live was still a thing, you would see FWD time attack cars with giant wings protruding from the front. Not a splitter, not cannards, a big ole wing. It was very weird, but it did work… Sort of.

So, what’s the weirdest thing you’ve seen turn a lap in anger?  Show us in the comments. We’ll deliberate and post the weirdest. Weirdest of the weird gets a small grab bag of Hot Wheels, so bring on the strange!

Some ground rules: LeMons doesn’t count. We all love it, but the cars come from the deepest depths of insane people so they’re out. Also, bonus points if you’ve seen it with your own eyes. And post a picture so we all know what it is you’re talking about.

Words and photo by Michael Chandler

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04th Oct2012

First Start: Innovative Garage Civic

by Michael Chandler

A few weeks ago Jason Smith, of Innovative Garage, texted me and asked if we wanted to film him starting his long awaited Civic race car.  I said yes, and so began the rolling ball.

The car is a pretty basic thing: K series motor, cage, big brakes, fancy suspension and slicks.  All of that stuffed into an EK hatchback with nothing in it to begin with makes for something that looks to be very quick.

This thing is really all about Trent’s video, because a car starting up translates better on video than it does in stills.


This thing, along with the Black Pearl, will be out on track on Saturday.  Come check it out if you can, but if you can’t then you gotta wait til I post the photos from Lap Battle

Video by Trent Bray, words and photos by Michael Chandler

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28th Nov2011

Want to buy a race car?

by Michael Chandler

CAMautoMag Acura RSX for sale

Well if you do, then good news! Randy Gibb is selling his RSX Type-S! We’re happy that Randy is moving on to a new chassis, but this is also a sad day for us because the #29 Mad Dog Cycles RSX was the first honest to God race car to sport some CAMautoMag decals.  But enough of that, lets get down to some details:

It’s a 2004, but it’s been bodied as a 05-06

It’s sporting a K24 instead of a K20

Moton coilovers at all 4 corners

Stoptech brakes hiding behind Enkei RPF1’s

Full cage

Sparco Evo seat

And a bunch of other race car goodies that Randy can tell you about.  It’s a Grand-Am/Koni Challenge car, and it can be yours!

Check out the RSX For Sale Ad