19th Oct2017

The CAMcast goes Chamberlaining

by Michael Chandler

Despite our best efforts, we bring you a new episode of the CAMcast!  We may or may not have forgot to plug some things in, but we remedied the situation and bring you the regular crew (minus Pizza Dad), plus guest Scott Michael Chamberlain!  The guys talk to Scotty about the NASA HPDE program, driving in TT, Gavin and Mike driving Black Betty (his E36 325is), and the good old days.  We also talk about:

  • Polestar reveals their first car, the Polestar 1
  • McLaren teases a “Hyper GT” they’re calling the BP23
  • WEC Fuji was wet, foggy, and weird
  • Rotaries aren’t all they’re cracked up to be
  • And tons of your questions and emails!

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06th Apr2017

CAMcast: Scott and Cody Walk Into a Basement

by Michael Chandler

How is everybody doin?  We’re doing pretty good, because we have a new episode of the CAMcast for you!  Pizza Dad makes a court appointed visit, and the gang is also joined by Scott Michael Chamberlain and Mystery Man Cody!  The guys go over so many things:

  • Pizza Dad gives a Formula 1 update
  • Mike and Dave get into Formula Drift Long Beach
  • We talk to Scott about driving HPDE and how he got into dialing in cars
  • Cody tells us he has an 84 Camry, in addition to Big Rhonda
  • And Gavin talks about The Driving Experience, our new YouTube series!

Thank you everyone for listening and sharing!  Please keep it up, it helps us grow and do more things.  Fun, awesome things.  You can stream the episode via the player above, download it here, or find it on iTunes.  As always, follow us on our social media platforms; and comment, rate and subscribe to us on iTunes!

*Article, Photos, Videos, and Audio clips are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners.