08th Nov2016

CAMcast: We’re done at SEMA!

by Michael Chandler

WOOBOI! We managed to survive another SEMA, and a highly compressed SEMA experience at that.  If you remember, we missed out on Tuesday AND Wednesday, so we had to cram four days worth of the show into two.  Not ideal, but I think we did a good job.  We also didn’t die in the process.

In this episode Joey and I eat pizza, have some beers, and tell you about our experience at the show, inhaling an entire tire at Ignited, and some other stuff.  We’ll be back next week with another, less SEMA-centric episode.

05th Nov2016

SEMA 2016 Day 2

by Michael Chandler


The SEMA show is open for four days.  Joey and I were only around for the last two days of it.  I wouldn’t recommend cramming four days of automotive ridiculousness into two.  Really burns you out fast.  Anyway, here’s some shots from the last day of the show, the roll out parade to Ignited, and a Formula D drift demo that featured Mike Essa, Odi Bakchis, Ryan Litteral, Dean Kearney, Kyle Mohan, and Alex Heilbrunn.  Enjoy!  

P.S. We’re gonna be hanging out at the Vegas Drift event tonight (11/5), and we’ll have some stickers to hand out.  If you want one, come find us!

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