14th Nov2017

Coca-Rolla: A New Formula!

by Michael Chandler

You remember Ian, right?  Has that S130 we featured a while ago, and I swung by his house earlier this year to see what he was up to?  Any of that ringing a bell?  If you remember that last one, then this car shouldn’t be that much of a surprise to see.  It’s the SR5 coupe he was working on when I was over there.  What you might not know is what he was doing to it.

He got the car with a BEAMS 3S-GE under the hood.  An amazing engine, that all the Toyota guys love and would love to swap into a Corolla, or an old Celica, or whatever RWD Toyota they can get their hands on.  That amazing engine rod knocked on Ian at the first event he took the car to.  Instead of shelling out for another BEAMS, or dealing with a 4A-GE and its associated costs, he went with something he knew.  Something that filled his cold, dead heart with warmth and life: a goddamn KA24DE.

Yes, he ripped out a trashed BEAMS and threw in a truck motor.  BLASPHEMY! I can hear you crying.  Why would anyone do that??? The BEAMS and 4A-GE are made by God himself! First, no to that whole second sentence.  Secondly, why not swap in something that is 1. familiar 2. proven and 3. cheap compared to building a 4A-GE or buying another BEAMS?  Argue for purity, and I’ll come back with practicality.  And this thing gets down, but we’ll get there in a minute.  First we’ve gotta talk about this car.

It’s an internally stock KA that sits in an engine bay that’s been completely stitch welded.  It does have a Greddy header meant for an NA S14, albeit modified to fit in the Corolla.  That connects to a Buddy Club Spec II exhaust, meant for a Corolla.  There’s a S14 Koyo radiator with a 16 inch SPAL fan to keep the whole deal cool enough.

Fueling is provided via a bevy of Aeromotive products! And by “bevy”, I mean 2: a 340lph fuel pump, and a fuel pressure regulator.  This whole thing is run via a MegaSquirt plug and play stand alone set up.  There’s a Painless switch panel, and absolutely no OEM wiring left in the car.  Ian rewired the whole thing to his liking.  Oh, and the battery is in the trunk.

That power (at least as much as that KA is producing) is sent through a one piece driveshaft to a solid rear axle.  No, not the stick that came in the Corolla, but a solid rear axle out of a Chevrolet S10.  Turns out it’s actually narrower than the Corolla axle.  Oh, and it’s been re-drilled for four lug.  AND the stock e-brake cables have been modified to work with the giant drums that are now out back.  They grab REAL good.  

Before we go on about the technical aspects of the car, let’s talk about that livery.  If it looks familiar, congratulations!  You’re either old, or a fan of vintage sports cars.  This livery is inspired by a livery on both the Porsche 962 and 935.  Both cars have sported many iconic liveries.  When I visited him earlier this year, he had the KA mounted, and then showed me a bunch of pictures of the Porsches while saying “that’s what I’m doing”.   He then grabbed a cutoff wheel, and got to cutting down the old grill.  It was an interesting evening.

I did not doubt him, in fact, we wondered why nobody else has done this before.  Seriously!  There are so many awesome liveries out there, everybody knows someone who works with vinyl, the pieces are there!  Make it happen, nerds.  Back to what he did.  The attention to detail is amazing!  It’s not just the big, swoopy Coca-Cola logo, it’s all of the little sponsor logos too.  Domino’s, 7 Eleven…

Even Jolly Rancher is on there!  With the period correct logo!  And the Advan logo, because it’s Ian.  Advan logo, despite the fact that he’s running 14×7 and 14×7.5 SSR Mk3’s.  Also period correct, and very awesome.

Speaking of awesome: you know what’s awesome?  Keeping things simple.  The suspension on the car is pretty damn simple: Megan links, T3 tension rods, and Stance coilovers.  The only big swap, aside from the KA, is an AW11 steering rack, which is a pretty standard thing.  No Wisefab, no craziness.  Just stuff you can buy, and that’s probably on the Corolla of your local AE86 guy.  

Inside is pretty spartan.  Again, no craziness.  Just a Nardi Gara steering wheel, and a Bride seat that’s mounted on some Buddy Club seat rails, straight from Japan.  And a cracked dashboard.

And a bunch of Auto Gage gauges, and an Innovative wideband.  

And that Painless switch panel.

The car is running what Ian describes as a “Duraflex runfree knockoff” body kit.  Could’ve fooled me, but then again I have no idea what I’d be looking for in the original.  I’m a lover, not an expert.

Remember how I said that this thing get’s down?  Well, Ian showed us how well it does.  There was a concrete slab, like what’s under your local strip mall, right by where we were shooting.  Dave guided him up, onto the slab, and then Ian did Ian things.  The car will boogie, and it will boogie without bash bars, or as Ian calls them “confidence bars”.  

Will people start slapping KA’s into Corollas?  Probably not.  Corollas are only getting more expensive, so you’d either have to have one fall in your lap, or start off with one.  And then you’d have to make everything work, either make the Nissan mill play nice with the Toyota wiring, or go full Ian and just rewire the damn thing.  And then there’s also the other Nissan motor that people shove into Corollas: the SR20DET.  Why stuff the truck motor in there when the JDM hotness has been done enough that it’s not weird?  

Much like New Coke, I don’t think Ian’s formula is really going to take off.  However, it is a welcome change to something that hasn’t seen many updates.  It’s different, it’s interesting, and it definitely brought a smile to our faces.

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02nd Apr2017

StanceWars Las Vegas

by Michael Chandler

Las Vegas: home of bright lights, sensory depriving gambling halls, Jason Smith, and some pretty cool cars and shows.  StanceWars Las Vegas is one of them.  Bringing out some of the best stance and VIP cars in the West, the event was held at the Boulder Station Hotel & Casino.  We, along with a small contingent of other Utahns, made the trek down to the Silver State for the show.

There was a littlebit of everything there: from full on VIP builds to a crazy, shakotan Maxima.  Check out the gallery to see the full breadth of the vehicles at the show.

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20th Mar2017

Scrapefest 2017

by Michael Chandler

Scrapefest is not the biggest meet of the year, but it’s growing.  From its humble beginnings at Sandy Station, it’s now dominating the Legacy Events Center in Farmington.  We spent some time at the meet, saw everyone crowding around the limbo contest, and left before the awards were handed out…  BUT we got a big ass gallery for you!  Check it out:

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10th Feb2016

It’s Ruined

by Michael Chandler

Gumball Impreza Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (7 of 25)

Just absolutely ruined.  Well, it would be if it were a rally car.  This isn’t, so it really isn’t ruined

01st Sep2015

Ford GP of Utah Day 1 Highlights

by Michael Chandler

Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-60

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

And now to the highlights from Saturday’s races.  We’ll start with GT, where Johnny O’Connell (man of the people) took his ATSV.R GT3 wire to wire, holding off both of the Nissan GTR GT3s for the win.  Coming in second was JD Davison in the #33 Always Evolving GTR, and in third was Bryan Hoikotter.  Hoikotter is a graduate of the Nissan GT Academy, you know, the thing where hot shoe Gran Turismo players have a chance to become hot shoe race car drivers.  GT Academy drivers have done reasonably well, Hoikotter himself is sitting in third in the driver’s championship at the moment.

Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-62

Back to Johnny for a minute.  He’s been on a bit of a dry spell since Canada.  He’s finished in the top ten at the last two stops (Mid-Ohio and Road America), but hasn’t been on the podium since returning from the Great White North.  Not only did he break that four race winless streak, he also set a new track record in the process!  Always good seeing a driver as skilled as Johnny wringing the most out of a new chassis.

Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-32 Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-66


Last year the fans at Miller missed out on seeing the Realtime Racing Acura TLX-GTs.  This year the fans got to see World Challenge legend Peter Cunningham and the people’s champ Ryan Eversley hustle the Acuras around the warm, dusty track.  When the checkered flag flew, Peter held of the Bentley of Guy Smith for 8th and Ryan kept Olivier Beretta (currently second in GT Driver’s standings) behind him for 11th.  I was excited to see the Acuras, and to finally see Ryan drive in person.  He’s a good dude.

Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-98

Mark Wilkins, Canadian driver of the Korean sedan making this possibly the most international entry of the weekend, went wire to wire and collected a win in GTS.  The GT/GTA/GT Cup drivers were a little more cautious around the kerbing on the Attitudes, but the GTS guys were more than willing to hit them like they owed them money.  The only people who hit them harder might have been the TC/TCA/TCB guys.  Now, this is where I make a segue…

Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-105

Vesko Kozarov, Salt Lake’s own, drove the Skullcandy/Stance Nissan 370Z to a third place finish.  Doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, right?  Local guy, on his home track, in a car he’s very familiar with, finishes on the podium.  If that were it, this wouldn’t be much of a story.  More of a footnote really.  However, that third place finish is made all the more impressive because…

Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah day 1 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-112

He was also cleaning up in TC!  By Saturday he had already won the first of three Touring Car races of the weekend, and by the end of the day he had collected his second win in the Skullcandy Nissan Altima.  The GTS and second TC/TCA/TCB races were back to back!  That means he drove to third in GTS, took the car back to his spot in the paddock, jumped in the Altima, made it over to pre-grid, then lined up in 8th and drove like a madman to win.  That is my highlight of the weekend: Vesko finishing on the podium in back to back races in two different classes.

Tomorrow we return with more eye candy from the weekend, with more highlights coming on Thursday.  Were you at the Pirelli World Challenge Ford Grand Prix of Utah?  What was your highlight from the weekend?  Share it with us!  Drop it in the comments!  Or post a picture you creeped of me shooting photos.  Either or.

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08th Oct2014

ScrapeFest 2014

by Michael Chandler

ScrapeFest 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (6 of 24)


Words and photos by Michael Chandler

On September 28, in the parking lot of Sandy Station, Salt Scrapers held their first ever meet.  Having “Scrapers” in their name, they naturally decided to call it ScrapeFest.  It was a meet celebrating all things stanced, slammed, flush and otherwise low.  All the familiar faces were there: David Arellano, Nik Preusser, Taigon Rider (you know that deep blue Datsun 260Z 2+2 with the white wheels and oil cooler?  That’s his) and Jenny Lou who was acting as one of the hosts.  I was still waterlogged from the day before, so I showed up late.  Despite that, I did snag some photos and I did secure a feature with the previously mentioned Datsun.  So without further ado, here’s the gallery:

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14th Aug2014

Grocery Getter

by Michael Chandler

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (10 of 12)

“Bags Are For Groceries” read a sticker on a 2.5RS I saw at a meet once. That particular Impreza was lowered on coilovers, which for the uninitiated means he was static.  And while the debate of bags versus coilovers will most certainly rage on for a while, the sticker’s sentiment isn’t entirely true. Bags aren’t just for groceries, they’re for grocery getters too. Grocery getters like Jenny Nielson’s Forester XT.

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (1 of 12)

This isn’t her first foray into the wonderful world of Subaru modification. She used to own a hawkeye WRX, which wasn’t too shabby. And it wasn’t her boyfriend’s car, which is often the case whenever a woman gets out of any nice or modified vehicle. The hawkeye was hers, as is the Fozzy. And this thing has come a ways.

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (5 of 12)

As we’ve all seen, Foresters are tall. Tall enough to be classified as SUVs for insurance and marketing purposes. This is a problem for a gal who has a license plate surround that says “Stance Will Make Him Dance”. So it had to go lower. A lot lower. First came some Raceland coilovers, which for the purposes of dumping something are pretty fantastic; however, those were not to last. Nor were the wheels. First were a set of XXRs. Then those gave way to a set of Rotiform Nues. Finally she has settled on a set of STRs. The current setup measures 18×10 with a +25 offset all around. That’s a bit of wheel.

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (9 of 12)
Back to the suspension. And the whole “bag” thing. If you haven’t figured it out yet, she bagged her once static Forester. Airlift was contacted and suddenly eventually the car was sporting Autopilot V2 digital bags. Stance achieved, right? Technically yes, but she wasn’t quite done.

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (11 of 12)

Before the Rotiforms, and after the Racelands she got to work adding a little bit of power and noise to the car.  Breathing is helped by an SPT intake, an Invidia catless downpipe, and a Blitz Nur Spec exhaust. A Go Fast Bits blow off valve relieves excess intake pressure, while making fun noises.  And because it’s a turbocharged Subaru it’s totally got an Accessport and a Stage 2 tune.  It’s just a rule of life.

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (3 of 12)

The Regal Blue Pearl (a factory color by the way) looks lovely on any Forester. It looks more lovely one this one because she’s spruced it up a bit. There’s the factory spoiler which wasn’t there when she picked up the car. There are the 04/05 taillights which have been fitted. And most noticeably, there is the 2008 sport bumper and lip on the front of the car which help separate it from the pack.
Then there are the little details, like the headlights. The housings have been painted black, and the amber reflectors have been removed. The lights themselves were replaced with 8000K HIDs, and all of the windows are sporting 20% tint.

Grocery Getter Subaru Forester Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (12 of 12)

Also, there’s a child’s seat in the back seat.  This is for two reasons: #1 she has a kid (it would be weird if she didn’t have a kid, but still had the seat) and #2 this is her daily driver.  She takes it to all the fun places! The gym, work, the gym, and finally the store.  Where she gets groceries, and puts them in her grocery getter.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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25th Apr2014

Import Spring Showoff 2014

by Michael Chandler

ISS 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (84 of 125)

What once was the UtahHondas.net spring meet has bloomed into one of the, if not the biggest show of the year.  450 cars made it into the pay lot, and into the judging for the various awards, while hundreds more filled the parking lots surrounding the Davis County Fairgrounds.  I popped the top on the Supra, grabbed a camera, and made my way north.  I arrived, made my way to one of the lots, reapplied the top and got to shooting.

ISS 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (5 of 125) ISS 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (6 of 125)

I didn’t quite make it into the paid lot, I ran into Nick Long as he was walking out.  We chatted and saw this bright green Bricklin SV-1 affectionately named “Kermit”.  After staring at what Canada can do we parted ways and I made my way in.

ISS 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (53 of 125) ISS 2014 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (110 of 125)

There was almost everything there: a very clean NA2 NSX, to a Yugo!  A freaking Yugo!  Look at how clean that little communist hatchback is!  The Yugo, for those who don’t know, is a Fiat 127 built by Communists for as little as humanly possible.  Then Malcom Bricklin, the guy behind Bricklin and responsible for introducing Subaru to America, started importing and selling the things as inexpensive transport.  Then some lady got blown off of a bridge in Michigan while driving one and the rest is history.  Now that you’ve had a history lesson, here’s a gallery for you to enjoy.

18th Apr2014

Sorry we’ve been MIA

by Michael Chandler

Sert M3 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (1 of 1)

You know how it goes, things start moving along then life just gets in the way and BAM! suddenly it feels like you’ve been stuck on an island for years.  Well, mercifully it hasn’t been years, but it’s been too long.

RBZ burnout Michael Chandler CAMautoMag (1 of 1)

It’s not like we haven’t been doing ANYTHING. I took Big Rhonda out to Cars and Coffee, and had Ziptie Dynowerks throw a boost controller in her.  There’s more to the boost controller story than “They put it in, we set it, all is well.”  We talked to Cole from RaceCo about winning a couple of Global Time Attack events and a bunch of other things. We even caught up with Clint and his orange RB26 powered 260Z as it made it’s way down the strip for the first time.

We’re also going to be out at Pit Walk tomorrow, and ISS on Sunday. So we’ve got that going for us, which is nice.

Basically, stuff is coming. And we missed you too.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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10th Jul2012

Tailored/A2 Meet

by Trent

VIP Lexus LS460 on air
The Tailored crew decided to put on a meet at A2. This was their first meet and it turned out to be a hit. The free pizza didn’t hurt.

[func-shun] Episode 9: Tailored/Aesthetic Squared Meet from [func-shun] on Vimeo.

The sun was scorching, and the inside/outside meet atmosphere was unique, but somehow the inside was even hotter than the outside. Tommy joined me for a short time, but I had to cover all the photos and videos myself, and one usually suffers when I have to do both. So a special thanks to Brent from Turtle Factory for the additional pictures.

Slammed MkIV Jetta GLI
This is the beginning of more meets and isn’t the last we’ll hear from Tailored.

Stanced Honda S2000
*Please be patient while gallery loads*

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Photos by Trent Bray and Brent Cheney, Video by Trent Bray

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