04th Apr2016

Check Out Lone Star Drift This Year

by Michael Chandler

Now you should always support your local, grassroots series and drivers and sponsors.  They’re the ones who are keeping the fires burning at home, getting the kids involved, and proving that you don’t need a crazy 2JZ or LSx to get wild.  HOWEVER, there is one series we should all pay attention to: Lone Star Drift.  Why?  Because they’re doing some very interesting things.  They have their Street Legal series, which has rules such as:

  • Cars must be full interior, or within 90% of it.
  • Hydro e brakes are not recommended for the series, it is recommended you make your stock e brake setup work.  A well maintained cable e brake setup works fantastic in most cars, and is cheaper than a Hydro.
  • 240sx may have any generation SR20DET that came in JDM models or KA24 motors in the USDM models.  KA24 motors are allowed stock SR20DET injectors and turbo to be installed.
  • IS300 and SC300 may have JDM market 1JZ motors

An affordable series that makes drivers be better drivers, instead of just throwing money at a chassis?  Madness!  Oh, and it gets better.  They ditched qualifying.  Yes, to run in the Lone Star Drift series you don’t have to go through the traditional qualifying system.  What are they doing instead?  They’re implementing elements of the Dejager system that’s being used in Vicdrift in Australia.  Have no idea what any of what I just typed means?  They explain it better than I can, they even have a video to help!

In my opinion, everything they’ve done is awesome.  I think other people should take a look into some of these things, especially the Street Legal series.  I’ve seen a lot of people get buried in builds they think they need to do just to go slide, because sometimes the only exposure to drifting they’ve had has been Formula D.  And as far as the Dejager system goes: getting people who are on the same skill level competing with each other, instead of having the have’s kick in the heads of the have not’s will breed better competitors.

Keep an eye on Texas, they might be on to a few things.

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