11th Apr2016

Import Spring Showoff 2016

by Michael Chandler

ISS 2016 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-10

Another spring, another Import Spring Showoff.  This year the show was massive!  I’m still a little out of it, got there hours before the show opened to slap some stickers on Nik’s Jetta, but I did manage to get the photos edited and uploaded.  Want to see them?  Here you go:

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22nd Apr2015

Import Spring Showoff 2015

by Michael Chandler

ISS 2015-141

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

After years of evolution and months of planning, the 2015 iteration of the Import Spring Showoff opened up at the Maverick Center last Sunday.  And much like every year prior, this one saw massive growth.  Over 2000 cars and over 8000 people came to the show!  And in that mass of people and cars there were some seldom seen gems

ISS 2015-51ISS 2015-45ISS 2015-46

Gems like Corbin Lines’s 1986 Dodge Omni GLHT.  Not as highly sought after as the Omni GLHS’s, but still packing all the same goodness, Corbin’s weighs a scant 1980 lbs and makes over 500 horsepower to the wheels!  All that power with that lack of weight makes the car useless on the streets, but a monster on the track.

ISS 2015-6 ISS 2015-109 ISS 2015-110

There were plenty of FD RX-7s in attendance this year, but none quite as wild as this 2JZ swapped example.  Some call this blasphemous, but the big Toyota mill fits so well under the hood of the sleek Mazda.

ISS 2015-28 ISS 2015-71

The matte purpley Scion is packing a nice sized Borg Warner turbocharger, a nice wrap (hence the color) and took home the Favorite Scion award.  The red car is well on its way to becoming a challenger for the award next year, sitting nicely on a set of Work Emotion XD-9s.

ISS 2015-68 ISS 2015-80 ISS 2015-81

Jon Truong’s custom widebody WRX made its debut.  The metal work on the fenders looked amazing, and allows the massive CCW wheels to tuck nicely into the wheel wells.

ISS 2015-4 ISS 2015-149 ISS 2015-150

Lyfe Motorsport brought out the big guns, and the biggest trailer at the show: their massive four car hauler.  Inside the hauler were the two Spec Z cars they prepped in 30 days (!), a 996 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup car, and their venerable R35 GTR with it’s new wrap from Envision.  In addition to the cars that had to be hauled to the show, Shawn Murphy drove his freshly wrapped STi down from Wyoming and parked it in the booth.

ISS 2015-94

A sea of people and cars filled the enormous parking lot, vendors lined an entire row, and plenty of deserving builds drove home with awards.  It was an impressive show on all fronts, and we can’t wait until next year.

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10th Jul2012

Tailored/A2 Meet

by Trent

VIP Lexus LS460 on air
The Tailored crew decided to put on a meet at A2. This was their first meet and it turned out to be a hit. The free pizza didn’t hurt.

[func-shun] Episode 9: Tailored/Aesthetic Squared Meet from [func-shun] on Vimeo.

The sun was scorching, and the inside/outside meet atmosphere was unique, but somehow the inside was even hotter than the outside. Tommy joined me for a short time, but I had to cover all the photos and videos myself, and one usually suffers when I have to do both. So a special thanks to Brent from Turtle Factory for the additional pictures.

Slammed MkIV Jetta GLI
This is the beginning of more meets and isn’t the last we’ll hear from Tailored.

Stanced Honda S2000
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Photos by Trent Bray and Brent Cheney, Video by Trent Bray

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06th Aug2011

Tailored Seattle 2011

by Trent

Tailored Seattle Pictures
StanceWorks put on this first year show in cooperation with WaterWerks. This show was all about fitment, stance, and flush. Despite a mix-up about getting into the show initially, we went in and came back with plenty of pictures and video after the jump. (more…)