21st Oct2013

Ferraris in a Parking Lot

by Michael Chandler

random car show-7

This was… a year or so ago I guess.  I never really caught any details of this, but it was some Ferraris in the parking lot of an Italian restaurant.  The lot was blocked off to traffic, but there were plenty of people wandering through.  So, naturally, I wandered with them.

random car show-4

random car show-6

random car show-5

And it wasn’t just Ferraris hanging out.  Someone brought out a Ford GT and an old Pontiac GTO rolled in as well.

random car show-1

random car show-2

random car show-3

After unsuccessfully talking to the people there I left.  I still have no idea what this was about, or if it’s ever happening again, but it was cool to randomly stumble across it.

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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06th Dec2010

Genuflection: Ferrari Testarossa

by Trent

Ferrari Testarossa

/ˌdʒɛnyʊˈflɛkʃən/ [jen-yoo-flek-shuhn]
an act of bending the knee or touching it to the ground in reverence or worship.

Nothing is quite so striking as a Ferrari. Especially when the world is used to Camry’s and Minivans. I was reminded of this as I ran into(not literally) a childhood dream car over the weekend. It was a Red on Red Ferrari Testarossa. It has the updated 512TR wheels, but it was classic Testarossa. And I was lusting after it in spite of it’s many flaws. (more…)