27th Mar2017

Racing In The Rockies: NASA Utah Round 1

by Michael Chandler

It feels soo goooood to be back!  Just look at how happy Ty is!  HE’S SO HAPPY!!!  Probably because we’re back to racing, but also because Shawn set another track record.  Speaking of, let’s talk about that

Time Trial

Yes, everyone’s favorite cowboy set another record.  Well, two actually.  On Saturday he went around the West track in 1:34.252, which was a record.  Then on Sunday he pulled a 1:33.639.  Good enough to win TT2, good enough to win TTU on Saturday

David Bradshaw, and his yellow Beetle “Bumblebee” Lyfe prepared 996 Porsche Cup Car took home the win in TT1 with a best time of 1:39.810.  His luck wouldn’t hold into Sunday, as Daren Jorgensen, in the Rearden/Strom Motorsports M4 ran a 1:36.762.

We already talked TT2, so let’s move on to TT3.  On Saturday, John Calvin (theologian, father of Calvinism/Reformed Protestantism, and driver of an orange and black Mustang) turned a 1:45.969 to bring home a win.  Sunday saw another Rearden BMW take home a TT class win, this time it was the M235iR of Andrew McCubbins, an adorable animated teddy bear… Probably.

The 2017 season sees the debut of TT4, replacing TTB.  Mike Bratsch kept his sucking low and pulled off the first win in the new class on Saturday with a 1:45.131.  On Sunday Nam Yoon (not pictured) ran a 1:41.868, and took the class victory.

TTC is still around, having yet to be replaced by an as of yet undeveloped TT5, and had a few competitors on the weekend.  Two to be exact!  On Saturday, with a 1:44.955, Lynn Hodges in the red chrome Lotus took the win over John Butcher.  Johnny boy would get his win on Sunday, with a 1:47.497.

Kenneth Russell, noted bon vivant and man about town, was the sole TTD competitor on the weekend.  Him and his trusty Civic pulled a best time of 1:48.471 on Saturday and, like myself, weren’t around on Sunday.

A pair of hardtop NA chassis Miatas split the wins in TTE over the weekend.  Todd Green, in Ol’ Blue or the Smurf or Babe the Tiny Blue Sports Car, ran a 1:46.473 on Saturday.  On Sunday Tyler Nisonger took the win with a 1:48.074.  

We had a TTF competitor this weekend!  It was one Eduardo Acurero, in a black CRX that would lift the inside rear wheel during hard maneuvers.  Eduardo, as he will always be referred to as on these pages, turned a 1:45.316.  A time on par with the TTC field.  Good going Eduardo!

Rounding out TT is Andrew Smith, who trotted out the Rearden/SilencerCo/FourFoods Group/maybe R&R Barbecue? Audi R8 LMS Ultra and turned a 1:36.606, outpacing even the likes of the UVU Miata.


Tom Rogers, Thom Rodgers to his friends and Peruvian officials, beat out Chris Haunold for the GTS2 win on Saturday and Sunday.  Will the BMW-Porsche battle end with the Bavarian car on top?   It’s too soon to tell, but LET’S RECKLESSLY SPECULATE AND SAY YES!

Carl Marx, the great nephew of the legendary Zeppo Marx, in one of the Rearden BMW M235iR’s claimed a pair of GTS3 wins on the weekend.

Troy Duffin, in a cruel twist of fate, managed to get the PTD victory, but lose his gorgeous red Datsun 510.  The car broke loose going into turn one, and as a result damaged some of the rear suspension.  He managed to get the car going again, but only to limp it back into the pits.  I speak for a lot of people who are glad Troy is ok, and are wishing for the car to make a speedy recovery!

Speaking of broken cars, Todd Green’s blue Miata decided to spin a bearing.  It managed to do this AFTER Todd took the PTE win on Saturday.  On Sunday Todd turned to an old friend, one who’s always been there when called upon: Paul Mitchell.  Despite sitting since October, and on old tires, Paul answered the call of his old friend.  After an oil change, Todd ran just over a tenth of a second off the track record on his way to another win.

With a spring in his step, a song in his heart, and a fresh new livery; Matt Williamson took to the track for another year of Spec Miata competition.  Joined by newcomer (to Spec Miata) Andy Moench, who finished second on both days, Matt claimed the first two wins of the 2017 season.

Super Touring 4 was ruled over by benevolent hamburger overlord Blake Troester, aka Mayor McCheese.  Under his stewardship, sightings of the Hamburglar have been greatly reduced, while acceptance of Grimmace is now commonplace.  We salute you, kind mayor!

Our two (for the moment) Thunder Roadster drivers traded wins over the weekend.  Jihn Han took the season opening win, and JD Stull took home top honors on Sunday.  Big Bob Evans has said he’ll be in one of these cars this year, which would be amazing for many reasons.  We hope he hops in soon, but in the meantime we’re more than content with watching JD and Jihn duke it out.

944 Spec was its usual, robust self.  When Otto Silva (Saturday’s winner) and William Kendall (Sunday’s winner) were on track together, they were quite racy.  Otto posted a better fast lap, but not by a whole lot.  This would be a good class to hop into.  944’s are still Porsches, but don’t have any of the astronomical costs of 911’s.  Plus it’s just two guys, it’s not like you’d be jumping into a massive field, filled with fast drivers who are getting lapped by even faster drivers…


Normally the Spec Z field runs in the Lightning group, but not this weekend.  No, they were on grid for the Thunder races.  Yeah. the group with the Huracan Super Trofeos, 911 GT3R’s, Cup cars, and other fast stuff.  Despite being a herd of rolling cones (there were 14 cars on grid for Saturday’s race, 11 for Sunday), they had quite the race.  As is tradition, Arthur Golebiowski grabbed the season opener, with Tom and Chad in tow.  Sunday was a different story.  Someone going by the handle of “LYFE Motorsport” hopped into Kyle Schick’s #22 car and took the win.  With Chad and Tom in tow.

GTS4’s dual wins were taken by Darrell Troester, and this leads me to a question: what’s with the Troester’s and McDonald’s?  Do you own a franchise?  Are you forever indebted to Ray Kroc?  What is the deal?  I DEMAND ANSWERS!  Feel free to send them in to [email protected]

He managed to race, and remove his thermostat all in the same day!  It’s the one and only Toby Crawford!  Despite having a wounded car, Toby still went out and ran a full race in ST2, getting a win.

A Minion was spotted running in ST3 on Sunday. I wasn’t there, but it’s on the official results.  It’s actually listed as the winner…  Curious…

ST1 was populated exclusively by Ginetta G55’s.  The little GT4 cars were prepped by Ian Lacy Racing, and driven by Frank “You’re my boy, Blue!” Gannett and Drew Staveley.  Drew took home the wins for the weekend, and now I have to figure out either a nickname or a weird non sequitir for him.

Steve Burns, Texan and driver of a car that barely qualifies as a Mustang anymore, claimed Saturday’s Super Unlimited win.  Jeff Kearl, pictured in a different car from a different round from a different month from a different year, took the SU win on Sunday.

GTSU was a bullfight all weekend!  Except without the cultural relevance, animal cruelty, or goring.  A new Huracan Super Trofeo appeared, fielded by DXDT Racing, and driven by Paul Terry.  It wasn’t one of their cars that they use for the Super Trofeo series, at least this one wasn’t sporting the livery anyway.  They faced off against the tried and true Makes & Models Huracan.  Despite Paul having slightly faster fast laps, he couldn’t overcome the cagey driving of Derek Wolthoff.  The Makes & Models team returned to the shop in Layton with two more victories under their belt.

And there we have it!  The season is off to a rousing start.  The East track is the venue for next month, and the weekend of that is April 21-23.  We’ll be out there, for the whole thing this time!  Come out and join us!

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02nd Jan2017

Welcome to 2017

by Michael Chandler

New Year, same old us!  Hope you guys didn’t run too hard over the weekend, but if you did we have the cure for… well, not so much a cure, as it is a couple of things to make your first work day of the year a little better.  


Team Take Luck: Winterjam 2016 @Sonoma Raceway from Tannerspencercreative on Vimeo.

First up is a clip from Tanner Spencer Creative.  A couple of the Take Luke guys went to Sonoma Raceway (that’s in California) for Winterjam!  Looks like it was a blast.  Hit that HD, and enjoy.


Did you know Lyfe Motorsports battled, and defeted the HKS 1000+ R35 GTR?  Did you know they won a briefcase full of cash, and did it at the last second?  Well, now you do.  BUT there’s a bit more to this story, and thankfully JP Films was there to document the event.  Judson threw together an eighteen minute video, complete with interviews with Cole, Kyle, OP, and Jose about their run against the top R35 team in the world.  Smash that HD, pop in your earbuds or headphones, and enjoy.

And there you go, friends and viewing public!  Hopefully these videos make the day go by a little easier.

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07th Sep2016

CAMcast: Cole Powelson

by Michael Chandler

We caught up with the driver of the fastest time attack R35 GTR in the world: Cole Powelson of Lyfe Motorspot.  We talked about what it was like besting someone he looked up to as a young up and comer, how he went from driving a Porsche and living in his parent’s basement to the corner office at Lyfe, why we love Jose, and what’s next for him and the Lyfe Motorsports crew.  We also answered all of your questions, or at least the ones that showed up before we started recording.

This episode was recorded in his office, so be prepared to hear the A/C kick on a few times.  Catch him and the Lyfe guys out at UMC this weekend for Round 7 of the NASA Utah season!

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19th Aug2015

The Wreck

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-37

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

“Why didn’t you move?” It was a good question.  The corner worker came down from his stand, handed me and a maintenance worker bottles of water, and asked me his question.

“I don’t know… I figured the armco would hold and the car would stay trackside I guess.”

He gave me a look, then started talking to the maintenance guy.  I kept snapping photos of WRX the safety crew was loading on to the flatbed.

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-2 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-8 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-9 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-11 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-14


A few minutes earlier I watched my friend, Jonny Tapia, lose his WRX as he was coming through Witchcraft, the fastest turn on the Outer Loop, and do what many other drivers before him did: hit the armco on the inside of the track.  I was walking up the hill, towards the top of the Attitudes, when I heard tires screaming for grip.  I turned around, raised my camera and started firing off photos without even thinking.

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-22

It took a second, after the dust settled, for me to realize who was driving.  I ran towards the car, while the corner worker was yelling into his radio.  I got to the side of the car and asked Jonny if he was alright.  Thankfully he and his passenger were.  I relayed this to the corner worker, via yelling and two thumbs up, who was still shouting into his headset.

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-24

Jonny and his passenger climbed out of the wrecked Subaru, and looked at the remnants of the car.  Understandably, he was torn up about the incident.  She kept trying to comfort him, but it was to no avail.

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-28 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-29 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-31



He never fully broke down though.  He put a lot of time into the car, and seeing it like that was crushing.  In the paddock he was more at peace with the state of his car, and was hopeful about returning to the track.  It will be a while before his car is back on track, but everyone in the garages was hopeful it would be.

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-25 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-32 NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-35


As is procedure for an incident such as this, an ambulance came to take the fateful pair to the medical center to get checked out.  After they left I saw the scope of the damage.  The left front Enkei RPF1 was shattered by the force of the impact.  The big APR wing was ripped off one of its uprights, and sent an end plate over the armco.  The rear windows were smashed out, there were ripples in the body panels, and a tail light was destroyed.  The splitter sat low and crooked, so much so that it munched a ramp as the safety crew was pulling it onto the flatbed.  The front bumper was ripped off during the impact, and was thrown on to the truck after the car was loaded.

NASA Utah 2015 Round 6 Crash Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-38

“Why didn’t you move?” I don’t know.

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14th Jul2015

NASA Utah Round 4: The Hot Edition!

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-170

Words and photos by Michael Chandler

It only took three rounds, but it finally got hot.  Hot to the point where the heat ripples were uncomfortably close, and the water bottles in my car were scaldingly hot.  Despite that, I arrived late and got to shooting, observing, and heat exhausting.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-238

Despite only completing two laps, Chris Haunold took the win in GTS2 at the wheel of my favorite 911, NAY! Porsche that runs around at Miller.  Yeah, I said it.  Your move everyone else with a Porsche.  Impress me!

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-207

Mayor McCheese took the win in GTS3.  Amazing he can fit that giant, tasty head of his in there…  Hold on, I’m getting something over the wire…  Mayor McCheese was not driving…  In fact, he cannot drive because he is a fictional character…  Blake Troester was the driver, not the man with a burger for a head.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-201

Ed Mineau took first in PTC.  His best lap time in his 911 was 1:50.691, which was .4 seconds slower than…

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-239

Todd Green!  He’s a wizard, I swear.  He’s run down Spec Z’s; albeit in the rain, but a Miata running down a 350Z on the west course (which tends to favor more powerful cars) is quite a feat.  He also grabbed a win in TTE, which is class that is a story unto itself.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-203

Spec Miata was won by… *papers shuffling* AH!  Daniel Williams!  Yes, that’s it.  He put himself atop the seven car heap, which is a lot of cars.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-193

It was not a heap, despite David Sherman’s best efforts!  Actually his best efforts were employed fighting for position during the race.  This wasn’t his best effort, but it was a good recovery.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-195

Arthur Golebiowski took Spec Z, with Tom Kaminski right behind him, and Richard Fitzgerald behind the both of them.  Look at Richard hitting those curbs!  You go Richard!  Also, keep on keepin on Arthur and Tom.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-204

And in Spec 944, neither Samuel Kapp nor Otto Silva won.  Another Troester won, this one being Greg.  A guy named Greg in a red car doing some winning…  Wonder where we’ve seen that before.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-175

Wasn’t in Open Wheel.  Another hot hand behind the wheel of a kart did some winning.  Bruno Carneiro, Formula driver and owner of possibly the coolest name of the day, took time off from showing smaller children how to drive fast and selling Rodizio Grill gift certificates (what’s a small time media mogul gotta do to get their hands on one?) to have a solid drive on his way to a win in class.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-171

Meanwhile, McKay Snow (who is not Madison, despite what the podium photos indicate) won in Super Formula.  Speaking of Madison, who isn’t McKay…

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-240

This isn’t him.  This is Chris Vivolo, who took the win in GTS5.  Good work Chris.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-108


You can see where the confusion comes from.  Both Madison and Chris drive Porsche 911s, both have white and gray on them, and have big spoilers.  The differences are subtle, but if you look close enough you can see them.  Also, Madison is around eight seconds quicker than Chris.  So, there’s that.  Madison also won in GTSU.  He’s also not McKay.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-124


After Austin Dillon’s big wreck at Daytona last weekend, people were throwing around the idea of adding more downforce to the current Sprint Cup cars.  Bob Evans’s cup car isn’t the current generation (although I’d love to see them running around.  Somebody get the Frances on the horn!), but it does have all sorts of aero.  Not sure it would work for plate racing, but it works well here.  Well enough for first in ST1.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-91


Good news! Mike Mielke is continuing the tradition of ST2 being a solo field.  Bad news: I’m out of pick up truck jokes.  So… good news for Mike, I guess.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-131


Travis Tidball has been the sole carrier of the Corvette Racing flag in the door to door classes, which is sad because there were some killer Corvettes out there.  He may be the last one, but he’s been carrying that one well.  He planted the flag atop the podium in ST3.  Speaking of…  I’m out of transitions too.  Dukes!

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1

So, TT1 is interesting.  We have David Gilliland in his Viper battling Greg Valdez and Shawn Murphy in their respective STis, and while that battle is happening we have Shawn battling his car.  This event was a great opportunity for Shawn to take advantage of Greg’s Lelantos (that’s his car) being down.  Unfortunately, Shawn had a mishap which ended his weekend early.  We’ll talk about that later, but let’s focus on David and his orange Viper winning!  The current Vipers look amazing, and are proven winners.  I’m glad that he was on top that day.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-60

Robert Rathbone did a thing!  That thing was winning TT2 in his usual calm manner.  However, things weren’t calm all over.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-67

Rhett spun out in turn one.  Didn’t get stuck, or catch on fire, or anything.  He just got loose and wound up in the dirt.  Anyway…

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-35

So, Alex Whetman won in TT3 in the Focus of Doom BUT I missed out on his sessions.  HOWEVA he did place second in TTE in, what I can only assume was Paul Mitchell.  I say that because that’s the only Miata he has ready access to.  If I’m wrong, I’ll hear about it and I’ll gladly correct this bit, but until then: here’s a picture of PAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUUUUULLLLLLLL MITCHEEEEEEELLLLLLLLL.

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-2NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-31

Dave Wann took the win in Spec BRZ/FRS And Occasional Others.  Formally known as TTB, but we’re cool so we can keep the titles casual.  Also: Dave was super excited!  LOOGITIM!

NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-27NASA Utah Round 4 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-21

TTU was won by a Francis Wilson in the #47 350Z, or so say the time sheets.  However, I don’t have a picture of a #47 350Z.  What I do have are photos of a #714 350Z and a #47 C7 Z06.  Francis, if you’re reading this and I completely missed you, I apologize.  If one of these is you, congratulations!

Anyway, that’s it.  I skipped Sunday because 1. I was exhausted and probably would’ve died in the heat and 2. it was Father’s Day, so I elected to spend the day with him.  That said, I’ll be out there this coming weekend, traipsing around the West track on Saturday.  West track, this weekend.  Be there.

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12th Feb2014

Bad Luck Brendon

by Michael Chandler

Lap Battle HPDE3-1

Hitting every light on the way to work and showing up half an hour late. Parking seventeen miles away from the mall entrance, and coming out to see that not only has someone parked next to you BUT they have completely ignored the lines and are millimeters from your car’s door. Running out of gas. All of these are considered bouts of “bad luck”. Brendon Stewart laughs at your bad luck. Why does he laugh at your pain? Because while you were sitting in traffic he was in his garage replacing his second transfer case pinion gear. While you were contemplating teaching that fellow a lesson, he was missing ANOTHER race weekend because his Evo decided to not want to work. What was he doing while you were trudging to the gas station, readying your body for the gouging you were about to receive? Well, let’s just say it was worse than that…

Despite all of the problems, Brendon is hopeful for the 2014 season. He sat down with me to talk about last year’s problems and this years plans.

NASA June 22 HPDE ST Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-82

What happened last season?

In general what happened?

Yeah, in general what happened.

Oh man, last season was tough. I had a lot of really unfortunate situations with mechanical failures in the car. Just seemed like every single time I went out I didn’t ever have a very successful day, until the very last race of the year; so I was always working the car and everything was always not right.


The most spectacular failure that we all saw was the fire. What happened there?

Umm, that was incredibly unfortunate because that was a brand new engine. So my stock engine spun a rod bearing after 5000 race miles, which is not really that unusual. It was probably time for a refresh, but because it happened I ended up building an engine. Thought I’d spend the money and make it nice, not cut any corners, and it ran really, really well. It was a really good engine, first day.

It was too good to be true

Second day unfortunately, just kinda down the main straight it spun another bearing and started knocking. And I just tried to limp it around to get back to the pits, and it didn’t even make it another half a lap. It seized, shot a rod through the block and everything caught fire, and that’s that.


So you said that was a new motor, but was that the original transmission? Did you have to replace that?

I believe that was the original transmission, which has been rebuilt a few times. New synchros, maintenance stuff. There’s never been any catastrophic transmission failure, which is good… yet.

Yet *knocks on wood*

But I have blown through two transfer case pinion gears, two engines in this car now. Umm… I think that’s the extent of the really big problems.


The really big ones that have sidelined you. Was this your first year doing door to door or your second?

First year doing door to door. I was just working on doing all my individual rookie races done so I could get my full competition license. Unfortunately I was only able to complete two full race days, which actually count, so I still need to work on that. Gonna be an interesting 2014.

Did you have to change anything going from TT (time trail) to ST (door to door)?

Umm yeah, the biggest changes were safety items in the car so I really didn’t have to change a lot of, really anything for rules other than safety cause the power to weight ratio rules and stuff like that were all the same.


So nothing mechanical wise, just safety stuff.

Exactly. I had to get an updated harness, I had to add either a new seat or a seat brace and I added a seat brace. Window net, fire suppression system. I had to change my roll cage a little bit cause it was uncompliant. But other than that…


The car is for sale, and all I heard was that you want something V8 and rwd for your next platform. But the car hasn’t sold…

The car has not sold, but I do have an interested person potentially … So we’ll see what happens with that, but if it doesn’t go through then I’ll continue to just race this car through next year. Hopefully work on making it more reliable, and be able to finish developing the car because I still don’t feel that I’ve been able to reach its full potential in its current state.

What were you going to be getting? If the Evo sold you’d be getting…

If the Evo sells, or sold, it’d be an S13 240 chassis with an LS1 V8. Pretty basic, reliable.


I don’t want this to happen, but I gotta ask: if last season’s events start to repeat (this year) will you just hang it up or will you keep trying to get out there?

I don’t know. That’s a really tough question honestly, because it’s been really difficult to keep going and I have so much passion for this sport that I really want to keep going. But at some point. I don’t know, something needs to change for me to keep being able to do it. If I keep having bad luck, or if there’s a really big problem then it’s going to be tough.

Lap Battle-1

Hopefully you can get back out there! And I noticed something. When the car was orange you had the sock monkey hanging from the riser on the spoiler, and everything was kick ass. Then the next year you didn’t (have the sock monkey) and everything went wrong.

It’s true.

Can you have the sock monkey on the spoiler? Or…

Umm… I’m not sure because I got a lot of grief when it was on the spoiler previously, but they let it slide cause it was actually sewn on and they were afraid it was going to fall off and cause debris. But that was also before we moved into the NASA rule set, so they’re a lot more strict now. But maybe I can put it inside the car now.

Kinda like Mumphrey, with Ryan Gates and his Evo.

One extra horsepower!


Words by Michael Chandler.  Photos by Michael Chandler, Trent Bray and Michael Wells.

*Article and Photos are copyright of CAMAutoMag.Com and their respective owners.
29th Apr2013

RaceCo Nissan GT-R

by Michael Chandler

Raceco GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-1

Things change. Everything changes at some point. Mountains rise and erode away, civilizations are built and crumble, companies and people build cars and sell them. This Nissan GTR already had a full life before it came to RaceCo, and was transformed into the opus you see before you.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-38

The car was previously owned by Cobb Tuning, and eventually became a car they campaigned in the Redline Time Attack series. Unfortunately Redline folded and Cobb had a race car with nothing to race in. So they sold it to someone who brought it to RaceCo for some adjustments, and for a while it wore the livery it had at Cobb. At the end of last season that all changed.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-23

Visually the car has changed quite a bit. It was wearing the white and blue of Cobb Tuning, but now it is covered, thanks to Envision Wraps, in the primal primary colors: red, black and white. These colors elicit deep reactions from those who see them.

Carbon Fiber widebody GTR

The old fiberglass front end has been replaced with an AIT carbon fiber widebody, while the AIT fiberglass widebody rear end and sideskirts remain the same. RaceCo made some floating mounts for the front splitter, along rear diffuser strakes and skid plates for the splitter and side skirts. Other custom pieces include a flat floor, floor exit exhaust on the rear diffuser and front and rear Lexan windshields.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-10

Not everything can be custom made, so some off the shelf pieces were fitted: an XPR air jack system, an Aeromotions R2 static rear wing, APR carbon fiber mirrors, Aerocatch hood pins, and JDM front clear side markers and a Moonface front tow hook round out the off the shelf pieces on the exterior of the R35.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-30

Inside the cabin it’s all business. Aside from the automatic gear shifter that is. You have to climb over the custom roll cage before you can squeeze into the RaceTech 4009HR seat. A Schroth Hans six point harness holds you in the seat as you grip a Sparco steering wheel on a custom quick release. A Moty lightweight battery provides power, and a fire suppression system makes sure you don’t burn to a crisp. A MoTec ADL3 data system with a custom RaceCo wire harness and carbon fiber switch panel gathers information and provides easy access to all the necessary controls.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-13RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-18

Getting out is a matter of pulling on the custom door pull, un-doing the harness, taking of the wheel and climbing back over the roll cage.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-8

The car sits on CCW C10 wheels, 18×13 at all corners covered in equally large 310/710/18 Michelin S9H slicks.

Nissan GTR race car

Behind the custom CCWs sit Performance Racing rotors with Pagid RS29 brake pads, front and rear, and AP Racing J hooks. RaceCo fabbed up some stainless steel brake lines for the front while some Goodridge stainless brake lines are in the rear. The fluid of choice that allows the car to be hauled to a stop is SRF Racing brake fluid.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-6

The car sits nicely upon its JRZ triple adjustable coilovers and Hypercoil springs. MODE racing front and rear sway bars tie the sides of the car together. This WAS a Cobb car, and that car wasn’t too bad so a lot of the parts from its past are still there. Parts like the adjustable rear end links, prototype adjustable rear camber links and toe links.

GTR on air jacks

This properly set up suspension is complimented by the OS Giken differentials in the front and rear housings. The rear differential doesn’t see nearly as much airflow as the front so it gets a custom cooling system with a Mocal oil pump and air to air cooler. Both of the differentials are filled with OS-250R 80W-250 gear oil.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-25

The Cobb parts don’t end with the suspension. Cobb 3.5” intakes, ceramic coated downpipes, cat-less Y pipe and race exhaust, XLE bypass valves and secondary oil cooler kit are still on there. As is the AccessPORT that has been tuned on E85 and Speed Density by Tim Bailey of Cobb Tuning.

Nissan GTR R35 rolling

The engine is still the familiar VR38DETT, but things on both the inside and outside have changed. The stock turbos have been ditched in favor of Garret 2871’s with upgraded wastegate acutators. Dual Walbro in-tank fuel pumps send fuel to a pair of AMS fuel rails and on through a set of Injector Dynamics 2000cc fuel injectors. In between there and here is a custom surge tank with two Bosch 044 fuel pumps on it.

In the motor itself are forged rods and pistons, six HKS spark plugs, Motul oil and coolant. That coolant also flows through a Koyo radiator.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-15

Now this is a race car, but it has something a lot of race cars don’t have: an automatic transmission. Albeit a ShepTrans stage 3 transmission with PPG 1st-6th gears and a Dodson billet clutch housing, but you can still pop that thing in D. But you wouldn’t. You’d put it in R mode so you can make use of all the parts that have been lovingly bolted to the car. Parts like the Dodson pressure sensor controller, Cobb Tuning transmission oil pump, and custom stage 2 transmission oil cooler system (with Mocal Laminova and air to air cooler). Since this transmission is in the back of the car, the car has NACA ducts and carbon fiber inline fans to cool its and the rear differential coolers.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-37

Change is a constant. Never stopping for anything. Change can at times be scary, because what comes after the change could be something terrible. Especially if the thing that is being changed is something thats known to be good However, change can take something good and propel it to greatness.

RaceCo GTR Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-28

Words by Michael Chandler and Photos by Michael Chandler and Trent Bray

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02nd Aug2012

Lap Battle July 28

by Michael Chandler

LapBattle.com Time Attack was out and running about seventeen seconds slower than the NASA race groups, but it was to be expected.  They also were running with HPDE Group 3, which was interesting.

Sally was excited to get out there!  Especially AFTER she got her hands on some slightly used tires to replace the new tires that she won.  Her beau Shawn wasn’t in much better shape, he was having boost issues and was essentially running on wastegate pressure.  That issue allowed Max, the guy in the silver Evo, to take make it past Shawn.

The Stock vehicles were out, and were cleaning up.  The S10 was hitting the corners pretty hard, and the Charger was expressing its dominance pretty much everywhere.

The JDM Legends/Solid Autoworks/Rally Sport Direct WRX was out, and again was having its issues. Last month it was bending brake pads, this time it was having a hard time keeping hoses clamped on.  Could be worse, that black Viper ended up sounding like an old tractor by the end of the day. But that wasn’t the worst outcome.

Allan, owner of everyone’s favorite yellow Datsun 510, broke his AE86 Corolla!  Miraculously he pulled off track right in front of me.  He wasn’t too thrilled about the situation, but he wasn’t exactly devastated by it either.

It was another solid event put on by Matt, Biggie and everyone else.  Next month (August) they will be racing on the 18th on the West Course, so come out and see some big speeds or register yourself and get out there for yourself.

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Words and photos by Michael Chandler

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03rd Jul2012

Lap Battle Round 4

by Trent

Another oppressively hot warm Saturday meant the NASA Utah guys were hosting the monthly Lap Battle/HPDE/Racing sessions.  We’ll discuss the Racing in a couple of days, today is all about Lap Battle and HPDE.

The big news, other than the first Lap Battle session not getting timed due to transponder issues, involved two long awaited cars: Park’s all black C5 Corvette and the return of Brendon’s Evo. Last year Park was running around in one of the FR500S Mustangs, but now he has a very evil looking (and sounding) Vette. Brendon lost his brakes during a Lap Battle session last year, and put his orange Evo into the tire wall.  The Evo was busted, but not gone!

HPDE brought out a mess of Corvettes (including a C6 ZR1), a brave soul in a Jetta 2.5 SE, and a handful of Mustangs.

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We haven’t seen one of the Subie-yota twins take to the track, but we have seen them there.  We’ve also seen them doing…well, whatever this is:

We’ll see you track rats in a little over three weeks for the next event!

Words and photos by Michael Chandler, video by Trent Bray

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16th May2012

Lap Battle/NASA Round 3

by Trent

Going to change it up a bit and combine the NASA/Lap Battle post. Scream at me if I’m doing it wrong.
First off, it was great seeing some HPDE cars out on the track tearing it up. Especially the 993 Turbo Porsche that has now become the subject of my dreams at night.
Porsche 993 Turbo track day
This was also the triumphant return of Brody Hamblin’s WRX on the track. This car has seen magazine features, but never seems to stay on the track very long. This time it was out there and it was fast, fast enough to nab the quickest AWD time.
Lap Battle Time Attack Subaru WRX

The Subaru’s featured recently by us in The Happy Couple Subaru’s were out at the track and Sally was rocking a new set of coilovers and Shawn managed the second fastest AWD time.
C4 Corvette race car
The NASA event was action packed with Jeff Miller’s chopped top C4 Corvette starting 4th and finishing 1st beating out the Porsche Cup cars. Well done! We look forward to another weekend out at the track next month!
Tommy CAMautoMag
Special thanks to Tommy for joining me at the track and rocking the iPhonography while Mike had to work.

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Photos and Words by Trent Bray

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