16th Mar2018

CAMcast Bonus! The NASA Utah Banquet Interviews

by Michael Chandler

BONUS EPISODE!!!!  We went to the NASA Utah Banquet at the end of last season, and managed to get some interviews recorded between the awards and dinner.  We chatted with drivers, team owners, and some old friends of the program.  Here’s who sat down with us, and the order in which they did

  • Jan and Eric Gerday
  • Ian Lacy
  • Blake Troester
  • Toby Crawford & Brendon Stewart
  • Jen Gannett
  • Scott Chamberlain & Shane Petrosillo
  • KC & Shauna Russell, and Tyler Mikesell

Thanks for checking out this episode, and we hope to see you at a NASA Utah event this season!

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23rd Mar2016

Moving Up!

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah 2016 Round 1 Wednesday posts CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-2

Toby Crawford jumped up to TT2/ST2 from TTB.  What’s different?  More power, more tire, and soon: a roll cage!