26th Jun2017

NASA Utah Round 4: Batten Down The Hatches!

by Michael Chandler

NASA Utah Round 4 was a weird, interesting weekend.  I didn’t stick around for the races on Saturday because I had to go to my friend’s wedding, where I ran into Dave Kizerian’s (NASA Utah director. Big guy, affable, ginger.  Know who I’m talking about?) wife.  While I was out I guess the Spec Z guys decided that that was the perfect time to get wild.  Jerks!  

Then Sunday came to be, where it was far windier.  I learned that Mike Kresser has a Porsche tattoo, wind does stuff, and I either need a haircut or a chinstrap for my picture takin hat. Don’t want it blowing on track and causing a black flag.  Enough of that, let’s talk about who did what!

Taking both of the GTS2 wins on the weekend was Tom Rogers, in the trusty #160 BMW 325i.  Remember how I just said Sunday was windier than Saturday?  You can see that in the lap times.  Tom’s best lap in Saturday’s race was a 1:48.923, whereas Sunday’s best race lap was 1:51.181.  I was talking to Blake Troester ahead of Sunday’s qualifying session, and he mentioned how much the wind was impacting some of the cars.

Speaking of Blake, he and his fry-o-later grease powered Porsche took home back to back wins in ST4.  He and his crew chief, Grimace, were seen celebrating their win in the Lake Point McDonald’s Play Place.

The Rearden Racing camp collected a pair of GTS3 wins.  Steve Marx (I’m out of Marxist jokes) took the win on Saturday in his white BMW M235i Racing, and Greg Warnock took home the win in his Mercato Partners liveried M235i Racing.

In PTD/Japanese Classic Touring Catagory: Troy Duffin in DUFN8LY, a Datsun 510, took both of the weekend’s wins.  Those who are reading this, let’s put together a field of classic vehicles (around the same vintage of Troy’s 510) that would be awesome to see out there.  I’m thinking another 510, an SA RX-7, a couple of E30 BMWs, and a lunatic in an old Civic.  Like a 1300 CVCC hatchback.  Yeah, that’d be insanely awesome.  Drop your choices in the comments below!

Did you know that Paul Mitchell can be a handful?  Yeah, it sets records and wins races, but according to Todd Green it was a bit hairy to drive.  He remedied this by doing an alignment! And corner weighting the car.  And replaced some bushing, two control arms (one of them was  bent!), and changed the spring rates. All that work yielded the same results: wins in PTE.  Wait, when did PM get a hole in its hood??? 

Andy Moench, proud pappa and owner of a sweet rookie stripe, won Saturday’s Spec Miata race.  Could he repeat on Sunday?  Well, no… Carter James won on Sunday, so therefore Andy couldn’t.  We can only have one winner Andy!  Congratulations James.

Thunder Roadster is still the most fun group to watch.  Bob, JD, Joe… The other guy who wasn’t on the timing sheets.  Anyway, Joe Sim’s sideways antics paid off on Sunday, but Bob Evans channeled the wisdoms of the giants and got himself the Saturday win.  

Perry Needham is establishing his dominance in 944 Spec, which is weird.  Not Perry winning all the races on the weekend, or even the class itself.  The name is weird.  Shouldn’t it be Spec 944?  Anyone?  Greg?  Perry?

Spec Z had their own race group on Saturday, which is great because that means the class is growing and according to folks with business degrees and acumen: growth is good!  To that end, we haven’t seen that many different winners.  I’m not going to complain, especially when Tom Kaminski and his retro HKS themed Z win.  Which he did on Saturday.  On Sunday the class was back with the Thunder group, which isn’t a bad thing either.  Other not bad things are Lyfe Motorsport’s #22 entry, driven by either Cole or Kyle but not Chris because he’s “Other Gary”, taking the win in class.  Speaking of class, guess who wasn’t at round 4.

If you guessed Shawn Murphy, you’d be correct!  You’d also be correct if you guessed Santa Claus, Jordan Taylor, or any number of other imaginary people.  So that means he and his “street car” won’t be mucking up these results!  One person benefiting from the cowboy’s absence was Jordan Priestly.  He ran the JDP Motorsports C7 Corvette development mule extremely consistently in TT1, posting a 1:39.833 on Saturday and a 1:39.762 on Sunday.  

Two other people benefiting from Shawn’s fall into the Mystery Spot are Brendon Stewart who, despite figuring out his new tires, posted a 1:43.392 on Saturday.  Other good news for Brendon: he fixed his electrical issues and has all of the forward gears!  Always glad to see his *rolls 1D10* Evo 6 fully healthy!  Sunday’s win was claimed by the man in the brightly colored, and hugely winged Lotus Elise: John Howar!  His best time on Sunday was a 1:44.972.  

A pair of iconic red vehicles split the TT3 wins.  Both are two wheel drive, and both are sporting forced induction.  One is a great FWD platform, and the other is a 3 Series.  Yes, of course I’m talking about Tyler Mikesell and his red Integra and *moves results page closer and further from face* Geoffrey Crockett and his red E36 M3!  Tyler posted a 1:49.675 on Saturday, while Geoffrey threw a 1:50.477 on the board.

Nam Yoon (more like Nam Yoonicorn!  AMIRITE???  I’ll stop now) and his white S2000 managed to beat out a TT4 field consisting of a BRZ (or FRS, whatever the hell Mike drives), a Lotus Elise, a Mustang, and a Spec Z (along with some other stuff) to earn both wins on the weekend.  He posted a 1:43.116 on Saturday, and a 1:42.717 on Sunday.  Good job Mr. Yoonicorn! Ok, now I’ll stop.

John Butcher’s TTC winning shares a few things in common with a Jaguar E-Type: they’re both British (well, close enough), both iconic vehicles (see previous parenthetical), and both have hoods that open forward and have integrated headlights!  However, only one of them did anything useful at round 4.  John posted a 1:52.098 on Saturday, and a 1:54.938 on Sunday.

TTD was a war of momentum cars, seeing Ken Russell and his Kanjo styled Civic hatchback hustling his way to the win on Saturday with a 1:50.573.  Trever Pope, in the more practical Miata that is a Subaru BRZ, took the win on Sunday with a best 1:52.051.  

The winningest Miata in all of UMC history, Paul Mitchell, was awarded more victories.  This time Todd Green, or any of the other seventeen drivers of the car, stood atop the podium to get the shiny TTE hardware.  Saturday Todd ran a 1:48.382, and Sunday he ran a 1:47.052.

Mike Kresser, the guy with the Porsche tattoo, took a pair of gold medals back to his motor-home for his TTU exploits.  Yeah, motor-home.  Complete with a coffee maker!  I don’t care how hot it is, coffee is the lifeblood for lunatics like me.  His coffee fueled best laps in his 996 generation Porsche 911 Cup car were a 1:37.049 on Saturday, and a 1:36.723 on Sunday.

And now we’re on to the final race group: Thunder.  And in the Thunder race group is the GTS4 field, where Daren Jorgensen picked up another pair of wins in his M235iR, which is apparently done up by Turner Motorsports.  At least that’s what the stickers on the bumper, and the giant windshield banner lead me to believe.  More on this, as it develops!

We had only one other GTS class running, and that was GTSU.  As you can see, there’s a different Porsche that we haven’t seen in a while here.  That’s because Al Tiley’s regular Porsche, the #31 911 GT3R, had a bit of a boo-boo after some contact was made with the Makes & Models Huracan Super Trofeo during qualifying.  It’s racing, bad touches happen between cars occasionally.  Thankfully everybody seems to be ok!  Or was when I talked to them in the paddock.  Al a bit more-so, because he swept the weekend.

George Smith was in fine form on the weekend.  He was running the Corvette in ST1 trim, which was a pretty good steup.  He took home both class wins, and the overall race group win on Sunday.  His battle with David Lockwood was an amazing one to watch, especially from the top of the Attitudes.

ST2, a class exclusively featuring Makes & Models employees, has been an interesting one to watch over the year.  Brendon has had his share of bad luck.  Engine troubles, then losing a gear and having to kick his fuse panel to keep the car running.  BUT he’s got that figured out!  Meanwhile Toby Crawford has been tweaking his Pink Ribbon Racing, and a bunch of other sponsors, BRZ as he’s been going.  He also had to deal with some issues related to the engine letting go at the end of last year.  Who would reign supreme: the Bad Luck Evo, or the ever changing BRZ?  Well, the Evo took this weekend.  Skills played a part, but so did Toby’s windshield being covered  in oil. Perhaps next month Toby’s aerodynamic trickery will push him ahead of Brendon.

ST3, the class where the winner is going to win a Friday test day in one of the Ford Performance Racing School’s BOSS Mustangs, saw a V6 Mustang beat out a pair of FPRS Boss 302 FRS Mustangs and a Minion on Saturday.  Yes, Steve Burns’s VP Racing Fuels/Ian Lacy Racing Mustang is only packing six cylinders of fury, but it was more than enough to take the win.  On Sunday, a Minion beat out all the Mustangs.  The Us Against One Clothing M3, called the Minion and not the Banana Mobile, held off all the ponies for the win on Sunday.

And finally we come to the Super Unlimited class, which was filled exclusively by Rearden Racing entries.  On Saturday, Greg Warnock in his Cayman GT4 Clubsport held off Lara Tallman in the TC spec 370Z.  At least I think it’s spec’d for Pirelli World Challenge TC class.  Anywell, Lara claimed the win on Sunday.

And there you have it, 1600+ words on the NASA weekend that was.  If you’ve made it this far, congratulations!  You deserve a prize of some sort.  How about this, you’re prize is knowing that next month (July 14-16) the NASA drivers will be plying their skills on the West Course.  But if you want a real prize: come up with the best nickname for any of the drivers mentioned above, send it to [email protected], and we’ll dig up something in the office (could be a t-shirt, could be some Hot Wheels, could be some random item!) to give to you.  See you all next month!

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19th Jun2017

Michael Wells’s Round 4 Photos

by Michael Chandler

Michael Wells sent us some photos, in the hopes that you will gawk at them in amazement.  Do so, and get a hold of him to buy stuff.

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19th Jun2017

The Rest of the Round 4 Photos

by Michael Chandler

Write-up coming… Eventually?  In the meantime, here are the photos from Sunday.  Enjoy the gallery, buy stuff so I can keep coming out and covering the races (also so I can replace the pants I ripped hopping fences this last round), and stay tuned for the write-up.

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16th Jun2017

Not All of the Round 4 Photos

by Michael Chandler

Here are 236 photos from last Saturday. As soon as I get out of work (shockingly, I have a day job), I’ll get through the Sunday photos, and do the write up.  In the meantime, enjoy these photos.  Also, buy some prints so I can buy better equipment to take better photos with more pants.

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03rd Jun2017

Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy Race 5

by Michael Chandler

Not relegated to a support role, the Porsche Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA is atop of the billing this weekend.  This weekend bringing the Porsche Club of America, Intermountain Region, out to Utah Motorsports Campus.  So with a paddock already full of Porsche-files, the series dropped the green flag on the fifth race of their season.  

I feel a little information will make this write-up a little easier to understand.  The series is broken up into three classes: Diamond, Platinum, and Silver.  Diamond is all 991 generation GT3 Cup cars, and has a sub-category: Masters.  Masters is full of the more experienced drivers.  Silver has the same sub-category, but their chassis is the Cayman GT4 Clubsport.  Platinum is for the 997 GT3 Cup cars, and doesn’t have a sub-category.  ANYWAY, let’s get on to the results!

Overall race winner, top qualifier, snappy dresser, and winner of the Diamond class was Loren Beggs in the 991 Design car.

Second in Diamond, in the #35 Win Ward Racing car, was Russell Ward.  Less than a quarter of a second separated first and second in class!

Rounding out the Diamond podium was Alex Kirby, in the Aasco Motorsports car.  Side note: he was one of the many drivers in full “send it” mode during qualifying, launching his car over the curbs at the top of the Attitudes.

Michael Zuieback was the Diamond Master class winner, in the #2 Competition Motorsports car.  If you think it’s weird that I’m calling all the cars just “cars”, it’s because I felt weird calling them “Cup cars”.  Just seems oddly redundant.

In second was Bryce “Win” Ward, in the (wait for it) #57 Win Ward Racing entry.  

And rounding out the Diamond Masters podium was Mike McAlister, in one of three Competition Motorsports entries in the class.  For whatever reason I thought the car was sponsored by CCM, the hockey stick manufacturer.  Anyway, excellent work.

Taking top honors in Platinum was Ray Ray Ray Shahi, in the #65 Truspeed Autosports entry. He and his purple shoes (not kidding) managed to hold off the hard charger in second place.

That hard charger was UMC local David Lockwood, in his trusty Air Power Racing prepped car.  He was only .185 seconds behind Ray!

Closing out the podium was John Krieg, and that sweet Checker Cab theme on his Aasco Motorsports car.

Taking top honors in Silver was Rearden Racing driver Jeff Kearl.  FUN FACT: This was the first time I’ve ever seen Jeff.  Despite how well he does in the NASA events, I’ve never actually seen him outside of his car.

Carter Yeung drove himself a clean race, and took home second place for himself, and GMG Racing.

Sean McAlister finished a lap down, but still got himself on the podium.  He was one of the many Competition Motorsports backed drivers.

Steve Goldman is another Competition Motorsports driver.  He also was the winner of the Silver Masters class.

Mike Sullivan, another CM driver and also the LA Car Guy, was on the middle step of the podium in Silver Masters.

The last step of the podium was claimed by a lizard.  A Flying Lizard!  That Flying Lizard being Martin Brauns.

And there we have it!  One race down, one more to go on the weekend.  We’ll be bringing you coverage from all of Sunday’s racing, so stick around!

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03rd Jun2017

GT3 Cup Saturday Practice Gallery

by Michael Chandler

It’s another Porsche packed day of fun and adventure here at Utah Motorsports Campus.  The Porsche Pirelli GT3 Cup Trophy USA finished up their morning practice session.  Here’s what it looked like:

Qualifying starts at 1:10 this afternoon, and the green flag drops at 3:45.  Tickets are still only $5, and the weather is beautiful out here.  Come and watch!

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26th May2017


by Michael Chandler

And here’s a giant gallery from the weekend.  If you want to share a photo from this gallery, I’m not going to stop you.  I will tell you to not crop our watermark, and tag/mention us if you do share a photo.  And if you’d like to buy a print, you can head here and buy photos from this round, and other NASA Utah rounds going back to 2014!

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26th May2017

NASA Utah 2017 Round 3: Going Back West

by Michael Chandler

It was quite the weekend at Utah Motorsports Campus: Bikes on the East track, SCCA Auto-X in the West Paddock, and the Lantern Festival on Saturday packed the facility.  On the West track, the NASA Utah drivers plied their skills in pursuit of shiny new medals.  Let’s start in a place that normally gets mixed into the Thunder Group: Spec Z

Spec Z was so massive that it was split into its own race group for Saturday.  In the day’s Zeus race (cause the other race groups are Thunder and Lightning!  Get it?!?), Arthur Golebiowski harnessed the magic of the old country (this month’s old country: Poland), and collected himself another win in an extremely exciting race that could’ve easily gone to Tom Kaminski or Chad Aalders.  Sunday saw the Z’s back in the Thunder group, and Cole “Not Kyle” Powelson of Lyfe Motorsport took home that win.

Normally we’d be starting the TT results with a TT1 car.  Well, ol Shawn Murphy got himself supersized to TT1.  He was unfairly fast, running a 1:32.934 in TT1 on Saturday and 1:33.968 on Sunday.  In TT2 he threw down a 1:46.208 on Sunday (where he was the only TT2 competitor) and a staggering 1:32.329 on Saturday!  Since I feel weird complimenting Shawn for this long, here are the next fastest TT1 guys: David Gilliland (1:36.861 on Saturday) and Jordan Priestley (1:36.192 on Sunday)

David Nadler took the TT3 win on Saturday (1:45.577), but couldn’t repeat on Sunday.  Tyler Mikesell ran a 1:43.024 on Sunday for the win in  class.

Pithon Racing, in their shiny red Lotus, grabbed the TT4 victory on Saturday with a 1:40.463.  Not to be outdone, Nam Yoon and his S2000 laid down a 1:38.660 for the win on Sunday.

One man TTC band John Butcher ran a 1:46.536 on Saturday.  I have one word for this, and it is: adorable.

Trever “With An E” Pope and his BRZ took the TTD win on Saturday (1:48.270).  Eduardo Acurero, in his confetti CRX, took the win on Sunday (1:45.331).

Paul “Shockingly Reliable” Mitchell, with Todd Green at the helm, took home both TTE wins, the times being 1:45.497 and 1:45.934.

Despite having a semi-functioning Evo, Brendon Stewart hopped into the Makes & Models Huracan for a TT session.  His one session, the last of the day (not in the middle of it, Jose!) got hime the TTU win (1:30.726).  David Lockwood was atop a surprisingly deep field on Sunday (1:33.328).

Tom Rogers was alone in GTS2, but that didn’t mean he wasn’t racing anyone.  On Saturday he and Todd Green battled it out, and on Sunday he found himself in the middle of the three-way Thunder Roadster battle!  Imagine if he wasn’t alone in class.  It would’ve been crazy.

Darren Jorgensen pulled double duty, racing his 1M in GTS3 in Lightning, and his M4 in GTS5 in Thunder.  He, like Tom Rogers, was alone in class in his diminutive BMW.  Unlike Tom, he ran away from the field.

The Duffman cometh!  Troy Duffin and his 510 were alone in PTD, so someone build a car of similar vintage to race against him.  We need more awesome, old cars out there!

Todd Green in this clapped out POS Paul Mitchell harassed Tom Rogers, and many other drivers, but nobody in PTE.  For he was alone in class.

Andy Moench, and his purdy rookie stripe, took the win in Saturday’s Spec Miata race.  His luck wouldn’t hold out, as Joe Schubert won Sunday’s race.

I really hope you have a McDonald’s sponsorship Blake.  Otherwise that livery is going to look really silly at some point in the future.  Blake took both of the weekend’s ST4 races.

JD Stull managed to hold off Joe Sim, but only just barely, for the Thunder Roadster wins.  Sunday’s race was one of the best I’ve seen out there, and I’ve seen some rippers.

Could another Troester in a different FR Porsche get another class win?  Judging by the picture: no.  Perry Needham (mmmm… ham….) held off Greg Torester over the weekend, for the 944 Spec wins.

Darren Jorgensen is alone in two classes!  Someone, anyone: go buy the comparative Mercedes or Audi!  Challenge Darren for GTS5 supremacy!

George Smith managed to overcome some issues with the car, and took the top spot on the ST1 podium on Saturday.  Frank “the tank” Gannett drove the little Ginetta to a class win on Sunday.

Saturday’s ST2 race was a hard fought battle between Brendon Stewart and Toby Crawford.  Despite not having 4th gear, and still having fueling issues, Brendon managed to get around Toby and climb to the top of the podium.  Sunday saw Toby putting a lap on Brendon, winning in dominant fashion.

ST3 is the class dominated by Mustangs, and is also the one where the season champ will win a Friday test day in one of the Ford Performance Racing School’s BOSS Mustangs.  Steve Burns, unsurprisingly in a Mustang, swept the weekend.

Super Unlimited saw Paul Terry beating out Les Long for the win on Saturday, and Les partying by himself for the win on Sunday.

Derek Wolthoff, in the Makes & Models Huracan Super Trofeo, held off Jeff Burton in the DXDT Racing Huracan Super Trofeo for Saturday’s GTSU win.  On Sunday he battled with Al Tiley, in his Air Power Racing prepped 911 GT3R, and claimed another win.

And there it is!  Another weekend in the books.  The next NASA Weekend is June 9-11, and the driving will be done on the East course.  Come out!  East is a great track to spectate.  We’ll be there, and we love seeing new faces out there.

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25th May2017

The CAMcast goes to Tangent Town!

by Michael Chandler

What-ho, fine folks of the internet!  We’re back with a tangent packed episode of the CAMcast!  Gavin, Dave, and Mike talk about a bunch of random stuff, and also some news:

  • NASA Utah stories
  • Indy 500 qualifying
  • Skip Barber Racing School files for bankruptcy
  • Ford fires their CEO
  • Armed Robbery

Thank you for spending some quality time with us, it means a lot that you’re willing to listen to us ramble.  Stream the episode above, download it here, or subscribe to us on iTunes and Google Play.  Yeah, we’re on Google Play now!  While you’re there, leave us a comment and a rating. Subscribe to us on YouTube as well, we’ve go some cool stuff coming up.  And as always, follow us on our social media outlets!  We’ll be back next week with another episode!

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24th May2017

Round 3 Podium

by Michael Chandler

Still cranking through the photos, but hey!  Here are the photos from Saturday’s podium ceremony!

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