06th Feb2017

Weekend Video Roundup

by Michael Chandler

A lot of cool stuff happened over the weekend, here’s what you might have missed.


Team Take Luck: Vegas Drift from Tannerspencercreative on Vimeo.

Tanner Spencer dropped a video from Vegas Drift, featuring the Take Luck guys.  We’re trying to figure out the logistics so we can make it down to one, and bring you our brand of shenanigans… uhhh, I mean coverage…


It’s hard to distill the Bathurst 12 Hour down into two minutes, but since there isn’t a full upload of the race anywhere this is the best option.  It’s two minutes of highlights from the insanity that was the Bathurst 12 Hours.  As soon as someone uploads the whole race (the NISMO TV stream cuts off the last half hour), we’ll let you know.


Alexi, AKA Noriyaro, went to the Drift Chou Drift Tengoku event in Odaiba last Christmas Eve.  The half hour long video dropped a couple days ago, and it’s worth the watch.

Anything we missed?  Drop it in the comments, let your fellow enthusiasts know what’s good!

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02nd Jan2017

Welcome to 2017

by Michael Chandler

New Year, same old us!  Hope you guys didn’t run too hard over the weekend, but if you did we have the cure for… well, not so much a cure, as it is a couple of things to make your first work day of the year a little better.  


Team Take Luck: Winterjam 2016 @Sonoma Raceway from Tannerspencercreative on Vimeo.

First up is a clip from Tanner Spencer Creative.  A couple of the Take Luke guys went to Sonoma Raceway (that’s in California) for Winterjam!  Looks like it was a blast.  Hit that HD, and enjoy.


Did you know Lyfe Motorsports battled, and defeted the HKS 1000+ R35 GTR?  Did you know they won a briefcase full of cash, and did it at the last second?  Well, now you do.  BUT there’s a bit more to this story, and thankfully JP Films was there to document the event.  Judson threw together an eighteen minute video, complete with interviews with Cole, Kyle, OP, and Jose about their run against the top R35 team in the world.  Smash that HD, pop in your earbuds or headphones, and enjoy.

And there you go, friends and viewing public!  Hopefully these videos make the day go by a little easier.

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06th Oct2014

Officer Stucky and his Crown Vic

by Michael Chandler

Crown Vic


The Ford Crown Victoria has been the go to police cruiser for decades, and as such you can find nearly any vintage for next to nothing at a police auction or a private sale.  Nick Stucky found one for sale in Oregon, got it, and brought her back to Utah.  And then he went autocrossing.



Some interesting notes about Nick’s cruiser: It is, in fact, and old police car.  It came with the cherry light and window bars.  Also, it’s packing a 351 cubic inch, carbureted  V8  that was marketed as a performance option over the fuel injected 302 cubic inch V8.

Also, look at that interior.  Look at it!  It’s burgundy and vinyl and glorious!  And the body roll, which doesn’t help keeping oneself planted in any of the seats.  Tragically he couldn’t run with the hub caps on.  While it isn’t the safest thing to have them flying off and rolling around, it would just add the the spectacle that is watching something the size of Delaware run through the cones.

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24th Apr2014

V8 Supercars Video

by Trent

Yes it’s almost been a year since we went to Circuit of the America’s for V8 Supercars. Yes we procrastinated to the point where we need a new word for what we’ve done. Nevertheless, a video using a less-than-ideal video camera has emerged and here is the fruit of our labor!

The photographic evidence is a bit more appealing, but the sound is lacking in still images. So feel free to read up on our past articles here and imagine the noises as you look over the pretty pictures.

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 1

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 2

V8 Supercars Austin 2013 Day 3

Trent’s Film from Austin

Words and Video by Trent Bray

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21st Dec2011

Top 5 Videos of 2011

by Trent

CAMautoMag dove head first this year into video, and now we wish we would’ve started even sooner. Our skills will improve, but we want to thank everyone who has watched our videos so far.

As we close out the year, we figured we’d step back and reflect on your favorite videos by view count. We have an account on both Vimeo and YouTube and we took the total views combined from both sources. This was closer than I thought! At the time of writing, the difference between the #1 video and the #2 video was 23 views! Here are the list of our top 5 videos CAMautoMag produced this year!

#5 Eibach Honda Meet 2011

#4 WaterWerks NW 2011

#3 VW GLI Feature

#2 Subaru Impreza 2.5RS Feature

#1 Wuste Euro Show 2011

Thank you to all those that participated in making this happen! Enjoy the videos, and look out for big things from CAMautoMag in 2012!

Videos by Trent Bray, Michael Chandler, Spyder O’Neil, and Sam Howard.

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08th Nov2011

SEMA Show 2011 Video

by Trent

Here is the video for our trip to the 2011 SEMA Show in Las Vegas featuring exclusive content to the video. Check it out!

Video by Trent Bray

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18th Apr2011

CAM Video Podcast #2

by Trent

CAM Video Podcast
The second edition of our car video podcast kicks of with better sound, better location, and better video quality. We’ve also shortened it’s length a bit and added Johnny to the mix. Available to download in HD, SD, and Mobile! Check it out after the jump. (more…)

11th Apr2011

CAM Video Podcast #1

by Trent

Here it is, our first ever video podcast. This took numerous attempts to finally get one in the book, fortunately, we keep learning, and the next podcasts get better and better. Click ‘Continue Reading’ to check it out.
*Updated with Mobile version to download* (more…)