12th Oct2017

CAMcast: The Results Will SHOCK YOU!

by Michael Chandler

THE CONTENTS OF THIS PODCAST ARE SO SHOCKING I DON’T DARE TEASE THEM!  But I will tell you that Mike, Dave, and Gavin talked about some stuff that won’t shock you into a coma.  No Pizza Dad, that’s because he had to be an actual dad and welcome his second child into the world!  Congrats to the whole Pizza family.  Anyway, while he was adulting, the guys talk about…

  • The Japanese GP and Ferrari’s woes
  • The Bathurst 1000 and tales of underdogs
  • Petit Le Mans and a legendary team owner doing what he does best
  • Aston Martin throwing big Pounds around to build a 488GTB fighter
  • You all want to go to Monaco if someone else is paying for the trip
  • Acts of spite and petty vengeance

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16th Mar2017

Court Appointed Pizza: The CAMcast

by Michael Chandler

HELLO, FRIENDS AND VIEWING PUBLIC!  We’re back with another episode of what I can only assume is the fastest growing automotive podcast on the east side of the Salt Lake Valley.  We’ve got a full crew, and a packed show for you:

  • Pizza Dad talks about Formula 1
  • Mike talks NASCAR fights
  • Everyone gets in on the dream inheritance, which gets us talking about E30 BMW’s
  • And we answer some listener questions, which has us talking classic racing

You can stream the episode below, download it here, or head over to iTunes.  We’d also appreciate it if you kept on spreading the good word of this here podcast.  We’d do the same for you if you had a podcast.  We’ll see you at NASA Utah Round 1, or Scrapefest this weekend!

*Article, Photos, Videos, and Audio clips are copyright of CAMautoMag.Com and their respective owners.