08th Jun2017

The Triumphant Reunion CAMcast

by Michael Chandler

Good day/night/whenever you’re listening to this!  The gang is all here, and they’ve got a mountain of stuff to tackle.  Before we get into it, we want to thank all of you for listening to us ramble.  We sit in this basement, talk cars, and drink beer and eat pizza because we like it.  We grab the mics and record our chats because we like you, and think you’d be down here if you could.  Anyway, Mike, Dave, Gavin, and Brandon talk about:

  • BMW M8 is a thing
  • Liberty Media wants to do more F1, and make America care about it
  • Lewis Hamilton insults IndyCar drivers
  • Brandon waxes poetic about the VW Atlas
  • We get emotional over some listener questions
  • There’s a winner of the $3k KSL Challenge!

Again, thank you for listening to us ramble and get misty.  We talk for us, we record it for you.  Stream the episode in the player above, subscribe via RSS, or download the episode right here. And we’d appreciate it if you’d head to iTunes and Google Play and rate us and leave us a comment.  We’d do the same for you if you have a podcast, no joke.  Let us know if you have a podcast!  We’ll support you, because you support us.  Please share the episodes, word of mouth is the best way for this to grow.  We’ll be back next week with more CAMcast goodness!

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04th Apr2016

We’re Going to be at ISS This Weekend!

by Michael Chandler

Jetta Sport Wagen CAMautoMag Michael Chandler 2014 (1 of 10)

Unfortunately Ronda won’t be there, but we’ve locked down a pretty sweet car to represent us: Nik Preusser’s Jetta Sportwagen.  He’s made some changes to it since last we saw it, and from what we’ve seen it’s looking really good.  We can’t wait for the show, and we’re stoked that Nik is going to be representing us this year!

25th Jan2016

And Now For Something Completely Different

by Michael Chandler

TOTLI Show and Shine 2015 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-11

It’s a Thing!  Just look at it!  It’s so weird and kooky!

TOTLI Show and Shine 2015 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-10

For some odd reason, Germans needed to be reminded to NOT immolate themselves when fueling the car.  I mean, that’s always a good thing to be reminded of I guess…

TOTLI Show and Shine 2015 Michael Chandler CAMautoMag-8

It’s got a surfboard!  Cause it’s a… Sure Thing?  Surf Thing?  It’s a Thing from Big Sur?  Help me out here somebody.

12th Mar2015

Utah Association of Euros Meetballs Meet

by Michael Chandler

UAE Meetballs March 11 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-2

Once a month the Utah Association of Euros gets together in the parking lot of the IKEA in Draper for what they call Meetballs.  Get it?  Cause IKEA is Swedish, and they’re known for making meatballs and the event is a meet.  Ah I don’t have to explain it to you.

UAE Meetballs March 11 CAMautoMag Michael Chandler-4

It was a good night for it.  Breezy, but warm, and many different makes came out: Volvos, Volkswagens, BMWs, and even some small chassis Audis came out.  The UAE group usually meets in Orem, but once a month they put the word in the streets and head up north.  Will we be at the next one?  Probably!

Words and photos by Michael Chandler
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02nd Jul2012

Water Werks on the Green

by Trent

Water Werks on the Green happened the day after Forum Fest, and the weather was much more cooperative. This event was unique in that it took place on Polo grounds.
Waterwerks on the Green 2012
We checked out of our hotel the morning of the event, miraculously found a McDonald’s serving breakfast past 10:30am, and drove to North Bend where the event was. The place unfortunately had some mud obstacles to avoid, but was generally a great place to hold an event. This despite the fact that I dislike taking pictures of cars in grass, the green reflects in a negative way.
Waterwerks NW Euro meet
The cars brought their A-Game, and so did the event organizers. They had unique games and even a beer garden stocked with German beer. And what German car show would be complete without bratwurst? After hitting up the show, we stuck around and shot a feature on a car(coming Friday) and hit the road.
VR6 VW at Waterwerks
The road back was long as we had to get Tommy back to work by 9am, only 14 hours separated us from 9am, and we hadn’t gotten on the road yet. We ran into a very entertaining white Scion tC in Oregon that messed around with us, I’ll stand by my Tweet, contact us, I’ll buy you a drink, that kept us entertained for at least a half hour. Aside from hitting a rock that messed up my plastic undertray, it was uneventful and through sleep deprivation, we somehow got Tommy to work on time. Check back on Twitter for the #camroadtrip hashtag to see all the fun of the road trip.
Waterwerks VW Swagen

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Words and video by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler, Nick Cherpeski, and Tommy Ratsipasith

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08th Aug2011

WaterWerks NW 2011

by Trent

WaterWerks NW 2011Water Werks NW is a German Car Show in Tacoma, WA. We heard about the dyno, the show and shine, the kart racing, and auto-x. CAMautoMag had to check it out and so we did. Check out the pics and video after the jump. (more…)

16th Jul2011

Import Alliance 2011 – Nashville

by Trent

Import Alliance 2011 Nashville photosCAMAutoMag has heard about the sheer mass of cars that come out to this event and we had to experience it for ourselves and get some Import Alliance pictures, and it has not disappointed! This event was filled with a massive car show, drifiting, and road racing! This will be a regular event for CAMAutoMag from here on out! Check out the nearly 400 Import Alliance photos by clicking ‘Continue Reading’. (more…)

12th Jul2011

VW GLI: Low, not slow

by Trent

It took time for us to track down this car. I had managed to see it numerous times as I drove to and from work. I knew the general idea of where the owner of the car worked, and then suddenly it disappeared. I later found out Spencer, the owner of this car, quit that job, but a chance appearance at Wuste 2011 led me back to the beauty of this car and its simplicity.
This 2005 VW Jetta GLI is daily driven and the ride height is static. Just getting to the photo shoot location required careful and deliberate maneuvering, but even that wasn’t enough to avoid scraping the front lip a couple times. You’d think with a vehicle this low, it’d be all about showmanship, but that’s where you’re wrong, it’s ready to get up and go if called upon. VW GLI CAM Cover (more…)

20th Jun2011

The CAM Journal: About Face

by Trent

Beetle RS VW VortexI’ll admit, the first generation New Beetle had me laughing when I saw a guy driving one. Sure, I respect that the 1.8T has a lot of potential, the TDI is great for gas mileage, and even the Turbo S model had me looking at them through my peripheral vision, but generally, I didn’t like them. My friend’s ex-girlfriend had one, I couldn’t stand being in the back seat of that thing. Recently though, VW introduced something new…a new New Beetle, now just called Beetle. (more…)

07th Jun2011

Wuste 2011 Gallery

by Trent

Wuste 2011 picsLast weekend, one of the largest west coast VW/Audi events took place in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s simply known as Wuste(woo-stuh or voo-stuh), and it has been going strong for 5 years now. It’s about time CAMAutoMag took a road trip to check it out. Click ‘Continue Reading’ to check out the pics and videos. (more…)