27th Nov2019

CAMcast 243: The LIVE One!

by Dave Rawley

Are you ready to hear a thing that you could also see?  WELL GOOD NEWS!  We recorded this as we did our first Patreon/Shenanigans live stream, and you can feel the growing pains.  In between those pains, we talk about the Cybertruck, C8 ZR1 rumors, GM suing FCA as FCA tries to merge with Peugeot, another 300hp Toyota, the DTM x Super GT Dream Race, and things we’re thankful for!

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22nd Jul2011

CAMautoMag visits the Corvette Museum

by Trent

Corvette America's Sports car
No matter where you are in life, and no matter your vehicle preference, you have to respect the Corvette and what it has done for sports cars throughout the years. With this genuflection, CAMautoMag took a visit to Bowling Green, KY when we were in Nashville for Import Alliance. Check out the Corvette history after the jump. (more…)