June 16, 2021

Ten Years of Marty & Moog

Ten years, 2.5 million subscribers, a book, a Subaute, and over 400 million views later, Marty and Moog went from a couple of guys in Australia to having one of the biggest YouTube channels about cars.  And chopping.  Anyway, they released their season finale/ten year anniversary video.  

It’s worth the watch.  Damn near everything on their YouTube page is.  Their videos make me want to grab the rest of the staff, a fistful of GoPros (or in our case, Yi’s), a car of some sort, and go make something.  At its core, it’s a couple of buddies doing car stuff which is what we are at CAM.  At most, it’s series that proves that you can be successful by doing something you love with your friends.

Congratulations on ten years guys, here’s to ten more!


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