February 2, 2023

The CAM Journal – Johnny intro

Greetings Gear Heads!

As a fellow Petrol Head I am very excited to start my time here at CAMAutoMag. Just like Trent, Michael and the rest of the gang here at CAM, I share the passion for all things automotive. There is not to many cars I do not like. I am very open minded and have owned a large variety of different cars. I like stock cars, modified cars, but my all time weakness are sleepers. A Mercedes C230 with the big SLK55 V8 motor. A twin turbo Lingenfelter Z06, A 1974 Pinto runabout with a 450hp turbo 2300 SVO motor. A 1000 Horse power Stock looking ’87 Buick Regal T-Type, A stroker motor dressed to look stock. And finally a DeLorean with a twin turbo V8 Lotus Esprit engine….brilliant!   These are the things that get me excited. That is why I am so happy to be part of the CAM family. During the next couple of issues, I will touch on some memories, tell of some cars, and hopefully make you chuckle at my sometimes strange view of the automotive world.

As I look over the past month of CAM, I can’t help but to be pulled back to a couple of the origins of my auto addiction. So let’s wax nostalgic for a moment or two of my early life altering moments.

First, the twin turbo V8 Delorean made me think back, and remember standing on a dark quiet car lot after hours on a Saturday night in 1981…pushing my face against the window of a brand new DMC12. The overhead outside lighting of the dealership made the stainless steel cars almost glow. It was different, unique, exotic, and it captured my imagination and stayed with me all of these years.

Second, it was a cool spring afternoon in 1979.   My family had moved to East Layton over the Christmas break a couple of months before.   I did not know anyone, and at age 9 was having a hard time finding things to occupy my time. I was jumping on a neighbor’s trampoline when I heard it.   It started low but quickly shot up to a high pitched whine. I spun my head around instantly but could only catch a bright red blur.  I knew the road ended in a cul de sac just a couple of houses up, so whatever it was had to get past me to get back out.   I ran to the street just in time to see the rear of the car and the brake lights come on. then I got a 180 degree view as it turned around and headed back towards me.   It was unlike anything I had ever seen before in my life.   The curves, the lines, and that red paint was almost erotic. The pilot obviously seeing my jaw open, ran through the gears as he came down the road. As he roared past me, I remember vividly trying to see who was driving this Blood red, waist high, slot car.   All I can tell you is behind those gold and brown aviator sunglasses and under the ’70’s leather jacket was the man who sentenced me to a lifelong love affair with the Ferrari 308.   I did not see the car again for several months.

That next summer, as I was hiking around the East Layton foothills behind my house, I noticed a home being built to the North East of mine. As I was looking around the construction site, I heard the strangest noise. It sounded like a WWII Fighter plane starting up. Lumping, hissing, popping…fighting to stay running, it smoothed out when the throttle blipped up. It was then that I recognized the sound….it was the racy little Italian rocket I had seen months before. Turns out, the house was being built for the owner of the Ferrari.  Sightings of the 308 were plentiful after that period and I always had an ear to the window hoping to catch a glimpse of the Sexy little red Italian.

Now, almost 31 years later, I still stop dead in my tracks upon seeing a 308. I made a goal years ago to own one by my 40th birthday…even though that did not happen, I am on track to have one in the next couple of years! I will also stop and take in the occasional DeLorean sighting.  People always tell me, “Why do you like those…they are a slow piece of junk!” It is about more than speed, reliability, and handling. If that were the case…nobody would like most British sports cars! But that is a whole other discussion we will save for a future article. It is, however, about history, art, and legacy…..oh and passion, plenty of passion.

Until next month,

Here’s to Internal Combustion, and wind….in the face


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  1. I remember that 9 yr old boy. And though some things change with age I can vouch for your love of everything automotive.

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