February 6, 2023
Black Charger SRT8

The cat has been unleashed: Dodge Charger SRT8

Black Charger SRT8This 2006 Charger SRT8 wowed me. I don’t get surprised by vehicles often, especially having previously owned a Charger SRT8 myself, but this one had me floored. Probably not for the reasons you’d suspect though.

You see the owner, Kellie, is not your typical car owner. She rescues animals, primarily poodles. So when she set out to execute a theme for her car, she decided on ‘poodle with a mohawk’. After getting a drawing done, people often confused it for something else, so she decided to go for a cat, specifically an angrier cat of the version you might see in ‘Alice in Wonderland’. This turned out to be something people rarely confused. To say the theme is carried out well is an understatement. The sound system, airbrushing under the hood, armrest cover, taillights, and headlights all feature this cat. It is done very well though and you never feel overwhelmed by it. It’s executed perfectly, much as the rest of the car is executed perfectly as well.

Charger SRT8 CatThe exterior has a few subtle tweaks to help keep this ride in great shape. It has a rear camera to keep the Brilliant Black paint from swapping colors with a random Toyota Camry. To keep the paint in check on the front bumper, it not only has a front camera integrated into the license plate, but the underside of the front bumper is Rhino Lined. This little touch is unique and creative.

SRT8 front bumperThis car isn’t all about the subtle touches though. Sometimes it makes a large gesture, like when you stomp on the accelerator and feel the Procharger supercharger kick in. The air gets compressed and then expelled through a Corsa exhaust. When she wants to wake up the neighbors, Kellie flips a switch to open the exhaust cutouts that go out both sides of the car through Dr. Gas Exhaust Boom Tubes. It’s hard to miss this car with it’s 22″ wheels that set off the sinister look of the Charger.

Supercharged SRT8Kellie, having previously come from a Dodge SRT4 loves the look of this car and took it to a few car shows. She became addicted adding in those cat-themed designs, but after winning her first award, she went all out with the sound system and adding a bit of flair, there are red accent lights throughout the car and halo lights on both headlights and foglights. When the car wants to show off a bit more, both the front AND rear doors open vertically. I have never seen this before on a car that is actually driven and is still usable. This is part of what surprises me so much about this car. It is driven, yet executes the show aspect so well. It’s the perfect blend of show and speed.

SRT8 open doorsWords by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler

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