19th Sep2017

The Classics at NASA Utah Round 7

by Michael Chandler

We all know about the 944’s and older 911’s running around during a NASA weekend.  This past NASA round saw a host of modern classics hanging out, and running on track, but there were also some legitimate classics running.  Legitimate classics like this vintage 911

It was in the Lightning group on Sunday, along with Ed Mineau’s 911.  The car was in ST4, and came in dead last, but damn did it make coming in last look good.  

What do you when you find out that the car you bought for LeMons won’t pass tech because of the bolt in roll cage?  Well, you take it NASA racing of course!  That’s part of the history of this car.  It also spent some time kicking around the Rocky Mountain SCCA and NASA regions before being dusted off for a potential LeMons run.  When the team saw the bolt in cage, they immediately found something without one.  And the rest is history.

Literally next to the GTI was this BMW 2002, which has seen plenty of track time.  I can’t confirm this, but just looking at it tells tales of track days gone by.  It wasn’t ratty, just well worn.  Like an old baseball glove.  It was refreshing to see a 2002 put through the paces, instead of being treated like it’s made of glass.

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