February 2, 2023

The Next…Acura Integra

2 Yellow Integra Type R'sUsually when I type up one of these “The Next…” articles, I have a clear idea of what the next car in line is to replace something. But how do you replace a legend, the one that got so many people into modifying cars? And the best question is, is there anything like the Integra out there anymore? This is not your normal “The Next…” article, check out why after the jump.

You see, the Integra was not only an entry-level sporty hatchback, it was also available as a practical sedan. It was relatively inexpensive, and it had a sports version, the GSR, and a race-y version, the Type R. The Integra is front-wheel drive which helps from a practicality and packaging standpoint. What else is like that today that could eventually replace the iconic Integra?

Black Integra Type RYour first thought might obviously turn to an RSX. Well the RSX was only available as a hatchback, and although it is capable, it never has quite caught on with the same fire and ferocity as the Integra. This was my best guess until I thought of something else, and I’m putting on my flame suit now…the Ford Focus. ducks

Hear me out on this, the 2012 Ford Focus is practical, available in hatchback or sedan, has great gas mileage, is selling well, and they are coming out with a sportier version, the ST, next year. This is the European designed Focus, not the first generation that left you wanting more, or the hum drum 2nd gen. This could be the next Integra if the aftermarket embraces it.

However, I’m not sold that this is the next Integra, it wasn’t a slap across the face, “Duh!” moment for me, I had been thinking for weeks about this until I decided on the Focus, so I want to hear what you think will be the next Acura Integra. Leave a comment on this page or on our Facebook page and let me know what you think is the next Integra.

Words by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler


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