February 6, 2023

VIP Acura RL: It’s not a Mercedes

“Ballin’ on a Budget” is kind of a joke. You can’t really be ballin’ AND be on a budget, the two are mutually exclusive. Well, at least they were before this RL showed up.

This 2000 Acura RL belongs to a guy named Omar. Nice guy, also owns a right hand drive Honda Integra SiR-G. Anyway, I first saw his RL at our local Cars and Coffee meet. I was talking to a couple of people as he was pulling in. The big Acura slowly crept through the parking lot and into a spot. We stopped speaking and watched as he got out to get some coffee. One of the guys I was talking to broke the silence as he said “Look at that Mercedes.” “That’s not a Merc,” I said “it’s an Acura.”

You can’t ball in a stock KA9, so some things had to be changed. The stock stereo head unit was replaced with an Eclipse double-din unit. To add some much needed bass, an MTX 10 inch Sledgehammer sub and MTX amplifier were also thrown into the mix. The passenger cabin is otherwise stock, the OEM leather seats are still in good condition and the wood trim looks nice.

As you can see the RL is no longer sitting on stock rollers or at the stock ride height. The wheels have been ditched for giant mirrors, and by that I mean 20 inch MHT King wheels wrapped in Falken FK452 rubber, and the stock spring/strut combo were tossed into the bin at Nip-N-Tuck Performance in favor of Megan Racing coilovers. An SPT camber kit helps keep the tires from being chewed up too quickly.

Future plans include a full lip kit, new 3000K bulbs for the fog lights and to continue rocking the only Acura that’s been mistaken for a Mercedes.

Words and Photos by Michael Chandler

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