February 6, 2023

Water Werks on the Green

Water Werks on the Green happened the day after Forum Fest, and the weather was much more cooperative. This event was unique in that it took place on Polo grounds.
Waterwerks on the Green 2012
We checked out of our hotel the morning of the event, miraculously found a McDonald’s serving breakfast past 10:30am, and drove to North Bend where the event was. The place unfortunately had some mud obstacles to avoid, but was generally a great place to hold an event. This despite the fact that I dislike taking pictures of cars in grass, the green reflects in a negative way.
Waterwerks NW Euro meet
The cars brought their A-Game, and so did the event organizers. They had unique games and even a beer garden stocked with German beer. And what German car show would be complete without bratwurst? After hitting up the show, we stuck around and shot a feature on a car(coming Friday) and hit the road.
VR6 VW at Waterwerks
The road back was long as we had to get Tommy back to work by 9am, only 14 hours separated us from 9am, and we hadn’t gotten on the road yet. We ran into a very entertaining white Scion tC in Oregon that messed around with us, I’ll stand by my Tweet, contact us, I’ll buy you a drink, that kept us entertained for at least a half hour. Aside from hitting a rock that messed up my plastic undertray, it was uneventful and through sleep deprivation, we somehow got Tommy to work on time. Check back on Twitter for the #camroadtrip hashtag to see all the fun of the road trip.
Waterwerks VW Swagen

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Words and video by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler, Nick Cherpeski, and Tommy Ratsipasith

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