September 19, 2020

What Car Would You Take Racing?

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I HAVE A QUESTION: If I were to hand you the necessary skills and budget, what would be your chassis of choice for sports car racing?  Ask any driver looking for a seat, and they’ll tell you they’ll wheel around in whatever they can get in to.  We’re not asking them.  Unless they’re reading this, which would be cool.  Hello unidentified pro drivers!  Glad to have you along!  Anyway…

This question is directed at us, the laymen.  Those who have an appreciation for racing, but probably couldn’t string together two good laps if our lives depended on it.  If you could suddenly drive like Jan Magnussen, Patrick Long, or someone else of that caliber, AND you had the budget to start and run your own team, what car would you build for your team?  Even though they’re no longer the go to chassis, my pick is going to be the Porsche 911.  Yes, it’s an affront to physics.  Yes, it’s a smashed Beetle.  BUT, Porsche has been atop the podium at the 24 Hours of Daytona 18 times, 17 times at both Le Mans and Sebring.  They have a great support system, from what I’ve seen, and odds are you wouldn’t be the only idiot new team out there in a 911.  It’s a tried and true platform, one that has been successful and continues to be.

So what’s your platform?

Michael Chandler

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