February 2, 2023

Wide Open Wednesday 09/12/12

Mustang spinIt’s been awhile, had to dust off some cobwebs, but we made it out to a Wide Open Wednesday event. And by we, I mean Mike, Dave, and I. Mazdaspeed 3 on track

The paddock was busy with auto-x, go-karting, and both east and west tracks were running. We had to stop by a friend’s shop to see how his race car was coming along, but eventually made it trackside on the east course. Track cars waiting

Dave shot motorsports photos for the first time on his new(to him) camera which happened to be my first DSLR, Mike’s first Canon DSLR, and now Dave’s first DSLR. We’ll be back out at the track this weekend for Car-B-Q and Lap Battle.

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Words by Trent Bray, Photos by Michael Chandler, Trent Bray, and Dave Rawley

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