June 14, 2021
1000HP Camaro

Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing: 2010 Camaro SS with 912WHP

Many things come to mind when you hear a Camaro crank over it’s motor and stumble to life. I have heard many, many Camaro’s start up and rev their motor, but I was not prepared to hear Aric’s Camaro. This is no ordinary 2010 Camaro SS, it looks stock, it has Air Conditioning, it has bluetooth, and it has a motor transplant that makes grown men weak in the knees.LSXR Motor in 2010 Camaro SS

Aric started his love affair with the new Camaro when he saw the concept car revealed. “As soon as I saw the concept car, I knew I had to have one”, says Aric. Little did he know, he almost missed his chance to get one of the first ones. Aric is a firefighter for the United States Air Force and he was deployed overseas when the initial ordering began on the Camaro. He came back home shortly after, but did not hear about the ordering process until a few months later. When he found out he could order one, he rushed to the local dealer and ordered the last one of the dealer’s original allocation. Soon after getting the car, he went to work on it.

2010 Camaro SS driving

Previous to this Camaro, he was driving a BMW 335i with some mild modifications. When asked why he made the jump from BMW to Chevy, he replied, “Cheap power”. Cheap is a relative term here as he has now run several different setups. Initially he had a head, cams, bolt-ons package from Sam Smith at Fairway Chevy Speed Shop that made 470whp. Many people would be satisfied, but Aric wanted more. On went a Supercharger kit from Procharger and with some tweaking, it made 774whp. Again, many people would be satisfied with this, but Aric decided to swap in a 427 LSX block and LSX heads with a Callies forged crankshaft, Callies forged rods, and Wiseco pistons. This motor also features a custom Comp Cam. To feed the air into this beast, an LSX-R intake manifold was bolted on. Seeing that he wanted more power, a Procharger F1R supercharger was placed in the engine bay. In its current state, the car makes a whopping 912 Horsepower to the wheels! And he’s not done. Since that dyno run, he has added a pulley to create more boost. He’s hoping for the mythical 1000whp number and he’s likely very close to that right now with the new pulley.

2010 Camaro SS Badge
When driving around this car, you’d think that Aric was driving around in one of the Air Force’s jet planes. It has a LOUD turbine sound. The supercharger drowns out the sound of the Kooks headers and custom 3” X-Pipe exhaust when you are in front of the car. It makes a lasting impression. Fittingly, Aric has nicknamed his car “Shasta McNasty”.

Drag Radials on 1000HP Camaro

The exterior remains stock looking. One tip off though that this car is something else is the meaty 305-width drag radials on the rear wheels. He currently runs a set of Pfadt sway bars and BMR Toe Rods and trailing arms but has left the suspension largely stock which he says will be next on the agenda after being happy with the power. The drivetrain has been enhanced with Hendrix HD Axles, a 3.63 Posi rear end, and a McLeod twin disc clutch to support all of this power for now, but when he finally takes it to the drag strip, that will be the true test of all the components. Aric wants a true street/strip car that he can drive to the track, run a 10-second quarter mile, then drive back home with the Air Conditioning blowing. It’s a valid concern consider he currently resides in the desert landscape of Las Vegas.

Camaro SS at Las Vegas Motor Speedway

You would be hard pressed to find someone out there who would disagree that this isn’t a great take on the car you race on the weekend and drive to work on Monday. This car was a wolf in sheep’s clothing about 200WHP ago, now it’s on the way to being powerful enough to have it’s own TV Show where it can tell people, “You’re Fired!”. -TB

1000HP Camaro427 LSXR Motor

Photos by Michael Chandler, Words by Trent Bray

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  1. LMAO. Sounds like an awesome show for primetime – “Everybody’s Fired with Shasta McNasty.” Tune in tonight, when Shasta McNasty shatters the Cone of Silence. Wicked.

    Well Aric. Fitting this car rolls the streets of Sin City. Now, how to play this…

    What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, including pink slips?
    Not all gambling happens in the casinos. Sometimes, it happens at red lights?

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