December 4, 2022

Wide Open Wednesday: August 10

Miller Motorsports Park Racing

Another Wednesday meant me and some other people itching for some cheap track time were out at Miller Motorsports Park for Wide Open Wednesday.  A 137 photo gallery awaits…

Some highlights:

3 Trans Ams were out, including a Screaming Chicken!

There was a guy out there in a home made Lotus 7.  And by “home made” I mean he made the thing from scratch, sourcing a ton of parts from a 1.6L Miata.

Brandon brought out his 1JZ powered 240SX coupe and drifted the track.  He lost his bumper, and they showed him the door.

I brought an assistant.  His name is Jeffrey and his photos surprised the hell out of me.  Might have to drag him out there again…  Anyway, on to the photos!

*Please be patient while the gallery loads*

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Words by Michael Chandler.  Photos by Michael Chandler and Jeffrey Eldredge

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