June 13, 2021
Mini Coupe S CAMautoMag

$30K Check: Mini Coupe S

Mini Coupe S CAMautoMag Haters will hate, and I can imagine Jeremy Clarkson mumbling about how ugly it is, and many people do find it revolting. But that only spurs me on more!

 Controversial styling is no stranger to me. The 2002 EP3 Honda Civic Si Hatch, not a huge hit because of its minivan-styling, I owned one. The 2004 Chrysler Crossfire that was overpriced and not styled for the common man. Had one of those too. The BMW X6? Love it! I like my cars to look interesting, the design should speak to me, even if it says something like “My beauty is on the inside”.

 This brings me to today’s car, pictured above(and below), the Mini Coupe S! I love the styling! The backwards baseball cap of a roof adds to the character of the car. The square-ish rear end, looks better than the overly bulbous rear-ends of some cars. It’s a sharp-handling, less-practical version of the Mini Cooper Hardtop. Who needs back seats anyway?

CAMautoMag Mini Coupe

With 181HP in a something the size of large refrigerator box, it’ll scoot. The John Cooper Works version is to be desired with its 208HP, but falls on the wrong side of $30,000. Currently I’m driving either an automatic lowered VW or a motor crudely bolted to little more than wheels. I need an engaging-to-drive runabout that won’t shake my kidneys free on speed bumps or make me cough up my lunch on railroad tracks. This is the ticket!

-Trent Bray

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